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Hire Fujifilm GF 1.4X TC WR teleconverter

The GF 1.4X TC WR is a 1.4x teleconverter for G Mount.

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Attaching the teleconverter to the GF 250m F4 R LM OIS WR allows for telephoto shooting at a focal length of 350mm (approximately 277mm in 35mm format equivalent) while maintaining superior image quality. The maximum aperture is reduced by one F stop. As both the lens and the teleconverter are high quality, there’s hardly any deterioration in MTF when the teleconverter is attached.


Description Quantity
iM2050 Black Flight Case1
GFX Mount Rear Lens Cap1
GF Teleconverter Cap1
Black Drawstring Lens Bag1
Black Neoprene Pouch - Small1

NB: Teleconverters reduce the maximum aperture and may affect autofocus with some lenses. For more information, there is a helpful article, HERE.

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