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Lee Filters 100mm Long Exposure Package | 77mm

Perfect for urban or rural landscapes. The LEE 100mm Long Exposure Package Fits straight onto a 77mm filter thread and incudes Gitzo tripodDomke bag & more, see below for details.

N.B: Colour of bag may vary from images shown, if you have a preference, get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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Description Quantity
Mountaineer, Series 3, 3 sections1
  -  1/4 Inch Tripod Screw1
  -  Allen key (in bag pocket)2
  -  Star Key (in bag pocket)2
  -  90cm Tripod Bag1
  -  Ball Head with Quick Release Plate1
  -  Central Extension Pole1
  -  3/8 Mounting Plate with Ground Level Adjuster1
  -  Static Foot3
Messenger Style Bag1
Universal Lens Hood1
  -  Filter Pouch1
  -  Rear Blade2
  -  Filter Guide4
  -  Long Screw (gold)4
  -  Flat Head Screwdriver1
100mm System Wide Angle Adaptor Ring 77mm1
Neutral Density Soft Grad Set 100mm1
  -  0.3 Neutral Density Soft Grad1
  -  0.6 Neutral Density Soft Grad1
  -  0.9 Neutral Density Soft Grad1
100mm System ProGlass IRND Long exposure kit1
  -  100mm System filter holder1
  -  Filter Pouch1
  -  Face Blade2
  -  Rear Blade2
  -  Filter Guide6
  -  Long Screw (gold)4
  -  Short Screw (in clear bag)4
  -  Flat Head Screwdriver1
  -  ProGlass IRND - 1.8ND 6 stop 100mm1
  -  Filter Pouch1
  -  ProGlass IRND - 3.0ND 10 stop 100mm1
  -  Filter Pouch1
  -  ProGlass IRND - 4.5ND 15 stop 100mm1
  -  Filter Pouch1
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