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Hire Teradek Bolt 500 XT SDI/HDMI Wireless TX + Batteries

Comes with a 1 Bolt Transmitter and 1 Bolt Receiver. A complete set to transmit 1 video source to 1 video receiver.

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The Bolt XT satisfies the needs of the most discerning professionals, from powerful software tools and rock-solid performance to smart power options and backward compatibility.

A key feature of the Bolt XT is its backward compatibility with any Bolt of the same range, Sidekick II / LT / XT, and 703 Bolt, giving users more flexibility building onto their existing systems or linking with others already on set. Unlike alternative wireless video systems, Bolt XT includes a unique AES 128 encryption algorithm to protect your video footage, ensuring that only authorized receivers can connect to the transmitter.

Each transmitter includes an HDMI, 3G-SDI and looping 3G-SDI output. Receivers feature an HDMI output as well as dual 3G-SDI outputs. While wireless performance is critical on set, so are practical mounting options that ensure optimal performance and a quick set-up. With the Bolt XT line, Teradek has added an integrated NATO rail on the receiver and several 1/4”-20 and 3/8” mounting points on the transmitter to greatly improve available mounting options.

An all-new aluminum chassis further reduces the size and weight of the Bolt line, with receivers also allowing for integrated pass-through power. Teradek has also replaced the internal antennas on the Bolt 500 XT transmitter with an external set to enhance wireless performance when operating in environments with large obstacles or heavy interference.

The Bolt XT, like the previous generation, is multicast capable up to 4 receivers (1 is included) and includes built-in cross conversion and Teradek’s proprietary software utilities, including a manual frequency-selection tool, 3D LUT engine, and a 5GHz spectrum analyzer to keep an eye on interference in your area.


Teradek Bolt XT and LT – Wireless Video Just Got Better

Description Quantity
LC-E6E Battery Charger (For LP-E6 type)1
  -  Mains Lead (for Battery Charger)1
  -  LC-E6E Battery Charger1
Bolt 500 XT SDI/HDMI Wireless TX1
  -  USB cable2
  -  Allen Key1
  -  USB Drive (Containing Manual)1
  -  Receiver unit1
  -  Transmitter unit1
  -  Mains power to leno cable (with removable UK plug connection)1
  -  D-Tap to leno power supply2
  -  30cm HDMI cable2
  -  30cm SDI cable2
  -  Removable antennas2
  -  Static cold shoe mount (complete with shoe bolt and 2 securing rings)1
  -  Light stand mount (complete with 1 x bolt and 1 x thumb screw)1
  -  Flight case1
  -  Leno to DC power cable (for battery plate)2
  -  Battery plate with 4 attaching bolts (in place on transmitter / receiver)2
LP-E6NH Battery4

NB:  The official range for this product as specified by Teradek is 500 feet (approx. 150m). This range is based on perfect conditions i.e. the receiver being in an elevated position, with 100% line of sight. These conditions are rarely achievable in real world situations and we would not advise using this product for distances over 70m. Every time the signal passes through an obstruction e.g. a wall, vehicle, person. etc – the signal will be degraded and the overall range will be reduced.

NB: Bolt is a point to point zero delay transmitter that utilizes RF over the 5GHz spectrum. It cannot stream to iPads, over IP networks or to the Internet. 

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