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Hire Manfrotto 3/8" Micro Friction Arm With 1/4" Thread Reducer

Variable friction arm with anti-rotation attachments.

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• Professional variable friction arm kit

• Solid aluminium arm for maximum strength and durability

• Ergonomic handle for precision-controlled movement

Perfect for attaching a wide array of accessories such as LED lights, video monitors and microphones to tripods, lights and camera cages to allow you to customise your set up to suit your needs. Designed and made in Italy, this is a stylish but functional item of photography equipment. It is constructed using expert techniques and materials and can do all the heavy lifting you need boasting a maximum payload of 3Kg. The use of aluminium also means that it is lightweight so you can easily carry it around comfortably helping you keep your set-up lightweight and portable.

The two included anti-rotation adapters allow you to make a fast and secure connection when used with a camera tripod, video head or camera cage using Manfrotto’s Easy Link Connection.

Description Quantity
Thread Reducer1
3/8 Thumb Screw2
Locking Thumb Screw1
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