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Hire Gitzo Systematic Series 3 Gimbal Fluid Head kit

The Gitzo GT3543LS Series 3 Systematic Tripod, when combined with the Gitzo GHFG1 Fluid Gimbal Head provides a powerful tool for sports and wildlife photography.

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The Gitzo GT3543LS Series 3 Systematic Tripod is a powerful, 4-section, professional carbon fibre tripod designed to securely elevate longer lenses and heavy cameras. It is the perfect combination of elevation, lightness, durability, and uncompromising stability.

The GT3543LS weighs 2.03kg and secures an impressive payload of 25kg. It reaches as low as 9cm, as high as 146cm and folds away down to 57cm. A highly reliable, versatile solution that’s easy to take anywhere, this model features Gitzo's Carbon eXact tubes with G-Lock Ultra twist-locks that solidly connect the leg sections. New, ultra-stable, removable feet make this support even more secure. The Easy Link attachment provides enhanced versatility and ergonomics, enabling users to attach a wide array of optional accessories, such as a Manfrotto arms, LED lighting solutions, monitors, etc. 

With a top leg diameter of 32.9mm, this Series 3 model is the perfect choice for exacting professionals who want to travel light but require the adequate levels of stability for heavier professional equipment with longer lenses.


Weight: 2030g

Material: CarbonExact

Safety payload weight: 25kg

Top attachment: 3/8″ screw

Min height: 9cm

Maximum height: 146cm

Closed length: 57cm

Centre column: no centre column


• Ideal for wildlife photography and birdwatching

• Stiff yet lightweight magnesium body

• Fluid cartridge ensures smooth movements

• Whip-pan: innovative fluidity control system

Gitzo’s latest technological breakthrough – the fluid cartridge and fluidity control system – makes this head the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and performance. Fluid cartridge technology from the video world is being applied to a gimbal head for the very first time in this model. It absorbs vibrations and ensures smooth movement throughout observation and shooting, even with very large lenses.

The Fluid Gimbal Head cartridge also features an innovative fluidity control system – the Whip-Pan, which delivers superlative device control with high-speed movements. This device applies automatic friction, excluding fluid rotation on the head’s panoramic axis and maintaining smoothness at low rotation speeds, as typically required in video heads. Users have full movement control as they shoot, so there is no risk of shocks or vibrations. At high rotation speeds, when it’s time to quickly reposition the camera, the whip-pan instantly excludes fluidity, allowing free movement without lifting the tripod off the ground. Fluid rotation is automatically and instantly restored when the rotation speed decreases.

The GHFG1 Fluid Gimbal Head is especially designed for Gitzo’s Systematic tripods, celebrated for their incomparable stiffness as the most reliable supports for secure shooting in the harshest of conditions and the most solid base for the broad, gentle movements typical of birdwatching and wildlife photography.

Featuring soft-touch ergonomic knobs and built-in Arca-type compatible quick release base and new, Arca-type plate with rubber grips, this head is built to perform securely and provide the greatest handling ease, which is further enhanced by a detachable pan bar.


Weight: 1.35kg

Top attachment: 1/4″ screw, 3/8″ screw

Maximum payload weight: 8kg

Base diameter: 60mm

Front tilt: -180° / +180°

Material: aluminium, magnesium

Plate type: quick release – with 1/4″ screw


Gitzo tripod Systematic

Description Quantity
Systematic Series 3 – Long, 4 Sections1
  -  Bubblewrap (please re-use on return)1
  -  Star Key (in bag pocket)2
  -  Allen Key (in bag pocket)1
  -  Flexible (ball) Foot3
  -  Static Foot (in bag pocket)3
  -  Central Plate with 3/8 and Grub Screw1
  -  Thumb Turn with Fastening Screw1
  -  90cm Tripod Bag1
Gimbal Fluid Head1
  -  locking leaver with rubber end3
  -  iM2100 Black Flight Case1
  -  Panning Arm1
  -  Thumb Turn2
  -  Mounting Plate1
  -  1/4 Screw (attached to plate)2
  -  3/8 Adapter (attached to 1/4 screw)1

Camera and lens not included.

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