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Hire SmallRig Universal Holder for External SSD

SmallRig Universal Holder for External SSD BSH2343 is designed to mount an SSD onto a camera.

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SmallRig Universal Holder for External SSD BSH2343 is designed to mount a solid state drive onto a camera. This spring-loaded clamp is stretchable on both sides. It comes with a detachable cold shoe which can be fixed on the bottom or side of the holder, so you can mount the SSD to a cold shoe adapter; or after removing it you can use 1/4‘’-20 screw(s) to mount the holder, making it super flexible. The holder features soft protective rubber pads inside, keeping the SSD securely in the clamp and preventing scratches. What’s more, it comes with a cable clamp to fix the USB-C cable, fastened by a knob screw. This SSD holder is compact and versatile for photographers and video shooters.


• Fits Samsung T5 SS, Angelbird SSD2go PKT, Glyph Atom SSD, SanDisk 1T SSD, G-Technology G-DRIVE Mobile SSD and more.

• Spring-loaded clamp holds the SSD securely

• Mounts to the camera rig by the cold shoe or 1/4‘’-20 screws

• Soft rubber pads inside prevent scratches


• Product dimensions: 68.5 x 54 x 46.5mm

• Net weight: 115g

• Package weight: 171g

• Material(s): aluminium alloy, stainless steel


• Compatible SSD size range: width 38mm-60mm, thickness 5-15mm

• The cable of the Angelbird SSD2go PKT is embedded deep and tight in the port, so the USB-C cable clamp is not applicable at this SSD and should be removed first.


Description Quantity
Silver 1/4" Allen Bolt (in clear bag)3
Black Allen Bolt (in clear bag)1
Main Mounting Unit1
Shoe Mount with Thumb Screw (in clear bag)1
Cable Clip with 2 Silver Thumb Screws (in clear bag)1
Cardboard Box1
Allen Key (in clear bag)1
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