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Hire Canon RF 85mm F2 IS STM Macro

Take your portraits to the next level with this compact, lightweight RF prime lens that flatters your subjects and inspires you to discover beautiful detail – and so much more.

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A perfect lens for portraits

With its 85mm focal length this is an ideal lens for flattering portraits and producing elegant results with beautiful soft backgrounds – thanks to a wide f/2 aperture.

Excellent results every time

The RF mount gives you incredible performance with stunning levels of detail in your images, plus a built-in DLO profile for in-camera lens optimisation.

Get up close and personal

Focus up to 35cm and 0.5x macro to discover fine detail, capturing images with superb edge-to-edge sharpness thanks to a high f/29 minimum aperture.

Quick, slick and quiet

An STM motor allows smooth, quiet AF while the Lens Control Ring gives great control over settings.            

Pocketable and lightweight

Weighing just 500g, the lens is unobtrusive and compact, plus with dimensions of just 78x90.5cm, it’s easy to take with you for extra creative opportunities.

5-Stop Image Stabiliser

The RF85 mm F2 MACRO IS STM features an Image Stabiliser offering 5-stops of compensation. The combination of this technology and high-speed RF communication means that performance of this lens exceeds expectations, allowing photographers to choose longer exposures for static subjects without motion blur affecting the resulting image.

9-blade aperture

The RF 85mm F2 MACRO IS STM aperture system uses nine aperture blades to produce a round aperture, producing smoother out of focus areas to help the main subject stand out even better against the background.


Canon RF85mm F2 Macro IS STM

Description Quantity
E-67 II Lens Cap1
Rear Lens Cap (RF)1
67mm UV Filter1
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