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Hire Fujifilm XF 50mm F1.0 R WR

Fujifilm XF 50mm f1.0 R WR Lens – the world’s first F1.0 autofocus lens.

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The XF 50mm f1.0 is an ultra-fast mid-telephoto prime lens offering an equivalent focal length of 76mm. The lens has a large-diameter design to achieve incomparable resolving power and produces beautiful bokeh with a rich smoothness.

With a minimum aperture of f16, the lens can be stopped down for edge to edge sharpness making this lens a versatile option for image production.

The inclusion of the DC autofocus motor has allowed for quick and accurate focusing, even when at the maximum f1.0 aperture. With such a shallow depth of field, the lens also utilises the Face / Eye AF function in X Series cameras to achieve critical focus for portraits.

When manual focusing is required, the focus ring offers 120 degrees of rotation to allow for precise, enhanced control with quick travel from close to infinity.

Fujifilm has made sure to keep its weight and size down and include weather sealing to make this a perfect choice for portrait and lifestyle photographers.

Incredible Depth of Field
The XF 50mm f1.0 R WR lens achieves optimum control of spherical aberration with 12 lens elements in 9 groups with one aspherical element and two ED elements. Using the lens at or near the f1.0 maximum aperture, this lens can produce an astonishingly narrow depth of field. Adding in a precision-engineered, rounded diaphragm you can produce large, smooth bokeh. This means the user can create portraits that have an almost 3D quality with a wonderful edge to edge sharpness with striking simplicity.

Low-Light Performance
With such a wide maximum aperture, the XF 50mm f/1.0 R WR lens offers more options when shooting in challenging low light conditions. You can achieve fast shutter speeds to freeze movement but retain detail-rich low ISO results by using the lenses wider apertures. Utilise the outstanding high ISO performance of X-series cameras and you can gain incredible versatility.

Precise Autofocus
Having a lens with an f1.0 maximum aperture allows the autofocus to operate at -7EV luminance, more than any previous XF lens. With such a low EV number, the user can shoot in near-darkness with fast and precise autofocus. The lens has a powerful DC motor and can take advantage of the on-sensor Phase Detection Autofocus and Face / Eye AF features. A further addition is a manual focus ring that is 8 times more accurate than any previous XF lens. The user can achieve precise focusing from minimum to infinity when the lens is at its super-shallow depth of field. For this, the lens uses 120 degrees of rotation in the focus ring and works with an X-Series Focus Peaking and Focus Assist modes.

Lens Construction
The lens measures in at 103.5mm (4.07in) long and weighs in at 845g (1.86lb), making it quite compact and portable. With weather sealing in 11 locations, the lens is protected again moisture and dust as well as being capable of operating in temperatures down to -10c.


FUJIFILM Craftsmanship of FUJINON

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