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Hire Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress SE 512GB – Type B

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Upgrade your Production Game with CFexpress Type B Media – built to support long-duration 8K+ RAW recording with no dropped frames or slow downs.

The AV PRO CFexpress SE provides uninterrupted guaranteed sustained write speed of 800 MB/s combined with Stable Stream™ technology to ensure no dropped frames and smooth 8K+ RAW footage throughout the entire capacity of the card. The advanced Y2 processor drives the power needed to support the most demanding recording settings and pushes maximum read speed of 1785 MB/s for quick data transfers between shooting sessions.

• Sustained speed supports long duration recording throughout card‘s capacity
• Y2 Processor provides exceptional processing power for RAW video and photo production
• Stable Stream™: allows uninterrupted read/write performance for smooth, drop-free results
• Advanced thermal management protects card against overheating
• Adaptive power management means improved battery run time

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