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A commander that broadens the field of creativity
Using a radio-controlled wireless communication system to control the flashes, the EF-W1 allows users to challenge their creative works without any compromise due to the surrounding environment.

Greater freedom with a Radio-controlled wireless communications system
This commander unit uses radio-controlled wireless communications to remotely trigger EF-60’s diverse functions including the TTL mode, manual mode and FP high-speed sync mode. It can simultaneously control multiple remote flash units, which can be divided into four groups to accept different settings.

The commander and remote flash units communicate with radio control. This means remote flashes can be placed in positions far away or out of direct line-of-sight from the commander, and used even in bright ambient light, giving greater freedom than the conventional optical communications system in configuring a shooting set-up, thereby broadening possibilities in photographic expressions.

The EF-W1 uses NAS (Nissin Air System) for radio-controlled wireless communications. This means the commander makes the X and GFX Series of camera systems compatible not only with the EF-60 but also with a variety of NAS-based speedlights offered by Nissin Japan Ltd.

Fine-control of the "Light"
The EF-W1 allows you to control output in 1/3EV increments in both output compensation in the TTL mode and power control in the manual mode. In manual mode, the output level can be reduced to as low as 1/256. This ability to adjust the flash output in greater detail facilitates intricate expressions in flash photography.


EF-60 and EF-W1 with Ioannis Tsouloulis

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