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• The most versatile 1×1 panel on the market
• Best-in-class light output and energy efficiency
• Electronically adjust diffusion, focus and spread with SmartSoft™ technology
• Touchscreen display with quick-start icons and 50 user presets for fast set up
• The world’s first High Speed Sync RGB flash with zero recycle time
• Award-winning suite of CineSFX™ (Fire, Lightning, TV, and more)
• Superior colour rendition saves time in post-production
• State of the art RGBWW technology for 16.7million vivid colours
• Built-in Bluetooth, wireless DMX and Lumenradio CRMX capabilities

The Rotolight Titan™ X1 reinvents the 1×1 panel; featuring best-in-class power alongside a pioneering feature-set making it ideal for both studio and location. Featuring the world’s first electronic diffusion technology, SmartSoft™, electronically control diffusion, focus and spread without the need for gels, while the full-colour touchscreen display saves time on set. With powerful High Speed Sync RGB flash, built-in wireless connectivity (Bluetooth/wDMX) and class leading energy efficiency, Titan X1 is the ultimate 1×1 light.

With 16.7 million colours at your fingertips and a library of over 1400 industry standard gels accessible at the touch of a button, unleash your creativity on set at a moment’s notice. With five lighting modes: CCT, HSI, RGBW, XY and Filter, unlock endless possibilities with full control over your colour. The Titan™ X1 flatters subjects in-camera and reduces the need for post-production, excelling in both CRI and TLCI performance across the entire CCT spectrum from 3,000K – 10,000K.

With a full-colour touchscreen display, preview each filter to achieve the exact colour you want at a moment’s notice. Effortlessly access key features with an easy to use interface, quick-start icons and 50 user customisable presets.

Featuring the industry’s first electronic diffusion technology, SmartSoft™ – electronically adjust your light’s diffusion, focus and spread without the need for gels. Like a 216 diffusion on an adjustable dial, SmartSoft™ provides the flexibility of a beautiful soft output and a harder light source all-in-one.

The Titan™ X1 also features Rotolight’s award-winning suite of user customisable CineSFX™ (Fire, Lightning, TV, Gunshot, Paparazzi and more); providing endless creative possibilities on set. Equipped with the first High Speed Sync RGB flash (1/8000th) with zero recycle time for more power when you need it, Titan™ X1 is also ideal for professional studio and portrait photographers.

Tech Sheet.

Description Quantity
Titan X11
  -  Titan X1 PSU-350 (Power supply unit)1
  -  Short PSU to Titan Link Cable1
  -  Long PSU to Titan Link Cable1
  -  Mains Lead (for Power Adapter)1
  -  Clip on barn door assembly1
  -  Main yoke assembly1
  -  Silver hex bolt (securing yoke into position)4
  -  Large yoke thumb screw1
  -  Small thumb screw at base of yoke assembly1
  -  Skeleton bracket (attached to rear of the Titan)1
  -  Silver star screw (securing skeleton bracket to rear of the Titan)4
  -  Universal clamp with Titan X1 attachment and release pull1
  -  XLR release pin2
  -  Custom flight case (silver & black)1
  -  Allen Key1
Avenger C-Stand 30 with grip head1
  -  iM3300 Black Case1
  -  Centre shaft with 3 extension sections1
  -  Base with 3 foldable legs1
  -  Slim boom arm with D520 mount at one end1
  -  Removable D200 Mount for the boom arm1
  -  Blue feet on stand3
  -  Large silver/black thumb turn4
  -  D01017 Clamp section2
  -  D01018 Clamp Section2
  -  Cork Spacer2
  -  Small washers / spacers for clamps8
  -  Rubber washers (in place on the central shaft)3
  -  Bolt with large blue/black thumb turn2
2-way 24V V-Lock Battery Adaptor1
  -  Mounting Clamp1
  -  Rubber Insert (attached to clamp)1
  -  Thumb Turn (attached to clamp)1
  -  Hand Turn (attached to clamp)1
  -  V Mount Main Unit1
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