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Hire Rotolight Neo III

NEO 3 combines the shoot what you see benefits of continuous light, with a High Speed Sync RGBWW flash for unlimited creative possibilities.

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Our thoughts

'The Rotolight NEO 3 is a compact, yet innovative piece of technology, that has reinvented the lighting game in photography. Combining state-of-the-art features in a pocket-sized powerhouse, the NEO 3 is the perfect companion for your creative journey. Unveiling the true potential of continuous lighting with a high-speed sync, this award-winning suite of CineSFX technology is a must-have for both professional and amateur photographers and filmmakers alike. No matter your field of expertise, we can confidently say the NEO 3 is a game-changer in every respect.'  



Key Features:

• High-Speed RGB Flash: Ensures you never miss a shot with zero recycle time, offering more power or to freeze action in any one of 16.7 million colours or 2,500 digital filters.
• Touchscreen Display: A full-colour touchscreen display gives access to key features effortlessly, and you can recall your favourite settings in a jiffy.
• Special Effects: Equipped with the award-winning suite of CineSFX including Fire, Lightning, TV, Gunshot and Paparazzi, the NEO 3 is perfect for creating exciting flash effects to really set the mood.
• Native iOS & Android Control: Enables easy switch between lighting modes, colour adjustment, power, flash settings at your fingertips.
• Battery Performance: Powered by high-performance, USB rechargeable custom NPF-750 lithium batteries, ensuring reliability and consistent performance.
• Firmware Update: For easy identification and quick recall of your stored presets, Kelvin and magenta setting information, hue, and saturation information.

The advanced features of the Rotolight NEO 3 make it a reliable companion for all your creative needs, offering a potent mix of flash power and continuous illumination in a lightweight, compact package.

Unlike its predecessor the NEO 2, the NEO 3 is built to give you up to 3 stops more flash power. This addition makes it an excellent tool for freezing action, overpowering the sun and capturing those perfect moments. Thanks to the zero recycle time, you'll never miss a shot. Moreover, the built-in Skyport receiver allows you to control the light using the Rotolight wireless Skyport transmitters.

The NEO 3 redefines functionality with its full-colour touchscreen display. You can navigate through menus with ease and save your favourite settings for instant recall. The light's RGBWW chips and the 2,500 digital filters give you endless possibilities to enhance your creativity. Whether you need a subtle ambience or a dramatic flair, you can adjust the colour palette to your liking.

When it comes to special effects, the NEO 3 comes loaded with Rotolight's suite of CineSFX™. From simulating the flicker of a fire or a television screen to mimicking the flash of a gunshot or the pop of paparazzi cameras, you have the power to create immersive environments with ease.

To ensure you stay connected and in control, the NEO 3 is compatible with the Rotolight app, available for both iOS and Android. From adjusting the power and flash settings to creating custom groups, you can control up to 20 lights simultaneously. With the new Magic Eye feature, you can sample colours from an image and have the Rotolight hire match it – an ideal tool for replicating brand colours or background lights on your shoot.


The Rotolight NEO 3 stands out from the crowd due to its compact size, unrivalled brightness, and advanced features. It is a versatile tool that empowers you to create and control lighting to capture exactly what is in your mind’s eye. Additionally, with the ability to save and instantly recall your chosen settings, it reduces time on set and maximises productivity.

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Carry Bag1
Carry Case Shoulder Strap1
Hot Shoe Mount (static)1
NEO 3 Battery pack (RL-NEO3-BAT-750)1
USB to USB C Cable1
Battery Charger (RL-NEO3-1U-CHRG)1
Mains Lead (for Battery Charger)1
Diffuser Dome1
Neo III Head1
Black IM 2050 Case1
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