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Motorized, ultra-precise follow focus controllable by edelkrone APP, edelkrone Controller, or even by hand. Operates as a stand-alone solution or with all edelkrone motion control setups that include the new HeadPLUS v2 or the previous generation HeadPLUS (v1).


• Wireless edelkrone ecosystem integration
• Designed for pro Lenses
• Fast & simple Programming
• Portability with long lasting LP-E6 battery
• Hand-control
• Zero noise & backlash-free
• 6 Keyposes with App

The ultimate addition to edelkrone hand-control ecosystem

Edelkrone FocusPLUS PRO allows you to control your lens position by hand, similar to adjusting pan & tilt angles and slide positions of other motion controllers in the edelkrone ecosystem. Just set your camera’s position by hand, focus on your object, and store that multi-axis keypose for later use!

Hassle-free control with the best edelkrone features

Depending on your production needs, control FocusPLUS PRO through edelkrone App (6 independent keyposes). A single LP-E6 battery can power FocusPLUS PRO for maximum portability or an external DC input can power FocusPLUS PRO for those long productions. FocusPLUS PRO even includes a Link port for future extensibility.

Focus on your target & keep the focus while in motion

Using HeadPLUS v2 & FocusPLUS PRO together keeps the targets in frame and in focus even when operating on SliderPLUS, SliderONE, JibONE, DollyONE, or DollyPLUS.

Seamless wireless connection & ability to operate as stand-alone

FocusPLUS PRO is the perfect motorized follow focus for any camera setup, as a stand-alone solution, or with compatible edelkrone motion controllers. As the ultimate follow focus solution, FocusPLUS PRO effortlessly pairs with various edelkrone motion control setups in the ecosystem for multi-axis control. In order for FocusPLUS PRO to pair, these setups should include one of the following edelkrone Heads: HeadPLUS v2, HeadPLUS v2 PRO, or either of the previous generation HeadPLUS (v1) or HeadPLUS (v1) PRO. FocusPLUS PRO does not pair with HeadONE or Pan PRO.

Ready for pro Lenses

FocusPLUS PRO features an intelligent automatic torque control: Powerful to rotate bulky pro cinema lenses and gentle for delicate lens end-stops.

Super accurate gear design with ultra quiet motor

The unique brushless motor driving technology of FocusPLUS PRO offers a culmination of ultra-precise motor positioning ability and ultra-quiet operation. Its super accurate backlash-free gear design delivers perfectly repeatable, smooth motion for even the most demanding shots.


FocusPLUS PRO: The Ultimate Focus Controller

Description Quantity
Rod Mount1
Rod Mount with Thumb Screw1
Lens Gear3
LC-E6E Battery Charger1
Mains Lead (for Battery Charger)1
Focus Calibration Card1
Calibration Card Holder1
iM2050 Olive Flight Case1
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