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Whatever you shoot, get closer. The Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x doubles the reach of compatible NIKKOR Z lenses without weighing down your bag. You’ll capture incredible shots that were previously out of range. All while enjoying the superb image quality and focusing speed you’ve come to expect from Nikon Z.

Double your reach
Fill the frame with detail. The Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x extends the focal length range of your mirrorless NIKKOR Z lens by 100 %. Ideal for sports and wildlife shots when you don’t want to carry a second lens with you. When shooting with the TC-2.0x attached, minimum focus distance remains unchanged.

Greater flexibility
Superb Nikon Z image quality. Double the reach. Nikon’s advanced optical design ensures sharp, high-resolution images with just a two-stop loss of light.

Sharp and fast
Superb autofocus. Rock-solid Vibration Reduction. With the Z TELECONVERTER TC-2.0x attached, you get all the sharpness and speed you’re used to from Nikon Z.

Toughness built in
This teleconverter is sealed to keep dust and moisture out. Nikon’s fluorine coat effectively repels dust and dirt, without compromising image quality.

Authentically Nikon
Constructed from tough, textured anodized aluminium, the design of this teleconverter blends smoothly with any Nikon Z camera.


Using teleconverters

Description Quantity
Z Mount Teleconverter Front Cap1
Nikkor Z Mount Back Cap1
Black Pouch1

Not compatible with the FTZ adapter as the opening on the back of the FTZ Adapter is not large enough for the extending piece of the teleconverter to fit inside.

AF accuracy and speed may decrease according to subjects and shooting situations.

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