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DJI Ronin 4D Flex

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Potential Unleashed

• Extendable gimbal camera design
• 2m gimbal camera extension cable
• Lossless transmission of high-speed image signals
• 1.8kg minimum handheld weight
• Supports Ronin 4D hand grips and monitors
• Agile configuration switches on set

The Ronin 4D has opened a new era for filmmaking and continues to deliver exciting new possibilities. Meet Ronin 4D Flex – a novel, extendable solution designed to liberate cinematography. It provides creators with a more flexible and efficient camera movement system and a completely unique creative experience.

Extendable solution

The new extendable solution, Ronin 4D Flex, reduces the handheld weight down to 1.8 kg, which is only around 34% of the original weight, making it superbly useful for cinematographers who require long-duration shooting, especially in mobile scenarios such as when filming documentaries, interviews, or events. The lightweight Ronin 4D Flex delivers unique advantages both in terms of its portability and high performance to meet cinematic-grade needs for high-quality imagery.

The 2m gimbal camera extension cable enables unprecedented flexibility of camera positions, allowing for through-shots and movements in narrow spaces like car interiors. It also allows the X9 gimbal camera to be used as an ultra-small cinematic-grade remote head. Even in complex spaces, tracking shots can be done easily in one take, providing opportunities for more creativity.

The extension system adopts an ultra-thin coaxial cable, supporting lossless transmission of up to 8K high-speed signals captured by the camera sensor and also complete transmission of control and monitoring signals. The cable also ensures endurance and flexibility when bending in different scenarios.

Ronin 4D Flex is natively compatible with Ronin 4D’s Hand Grips and the Main Monitor (not included), and can act as a lightweight, compact-but-powerful solo operating system, providing cinematographers with a whole set of solutions, including 8K cinematic imaging, 3-axis stabilization, and professional monitoring and control. This delivers a convenient and efficient creative experience unparalleled in the industry today.

DJI Ronin 4D not included.

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