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DJI Ronin 4D Expansion Plate

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The DJI Ronin 4D Expansion Plate provides enhanced connectivity options for your Ronin 4D 6K or 8K camera, expanding their capabilities in various professional settings. By attaching the plate to the back panel of your camera using the proprietary connector and mounting screws, you gain access to several additional ports and inputs.

SDI Output Port: the expansion plate features an SDI (Serial Digital Interface) output port. SDI is a professional video standard that enables high-quality, uncompressed video transmission over long distances. With the SDI output, you can connect your camera to external monitors, recorders, or other SDI-compatible devices, ensuring pristine video quality throughout your workflow.

BNC Port for Timecode Sharing: the expansion plate also includes a BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) port specifically designed for timecode information sharing. Timecode is crucial for synchronizing multiple cameras or audio devices, ensuring accurate editing and post-production workflows. By connecting your video transmitter or other compatible devices to this BNC port, you can easily sync timecode data across your entire setup.

Two 3-Pin XLR Inputs: the expansion plate provides two 3-pin XLR inputs, which are widely used in professional audio applications. These inputs are equipped with switches that allow you to adapt to various audio accessories and setups:

a. Mic/Line-Level Switch: The first switch on each XLR input enables you to select between microphone-level and line-level signals. This flexibility allows you to connect a wide range of audio sources, such as microphones, mixers, or audio recorders, directly to your camera.

b. +48V Phantom Power Switch: The second switch on each XLR input enables or disables +48V phantom power. Phantom power is essential for operating condenser microphones or other audio devices that require power to function properly. By enabling phantom power, you can connect and utilize such devices with your Ronin 4D camera.

By leveraging the SDI output, BNC timecode port, and XLR inputs with versatile switch options, the DJI Ronin 4D Expansion Plate allows you to integrate your camera seamlessly into professional video and audio setups. This expanded connectivity empowers you to capture high-quality footage and synchronized audio, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your creative endeavors.

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