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Hire Nikon Z NIKKOR 70-180mm f/2.8

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Take creative control over distance! With its versatile zoom range, constant f/2.8 aperture, fast autofocus, and impressive close-focusing abilities, this compact 70-180 mm telephoto lens delivers standout shots near and far.

All-purpose telephoto zoom lens
Extremely light and highly flexible, the fast and quiet NIKKOR 70-180mm f/2.8 lens frees you to capture something special in any number of situations. From flattering portraits to intimate cityscapes and layered landscapes. From tight action shots to close-ups of nature with beautifully blurred backgrounds. This is the lens of plenty.

Fast f/2.8 constant aperture
Open the f/2.8 fixed aperture to shoot in low light at lower ISOs, or use faster shutter speeds to freeze movement. Set your aperture and shutter speed once, then zoom and reframe across the entire 70-180 mm zoom range without affecting exposure. Shoot at f/2.8 and you can also accentuate your portraits with soft bokeh.

Sharp close-ups
For greater versatility, this telephoto lens is capable of extremely short focusing distances so you can shoot from close range without sacrificing sharpness. Minimum focus is just 0.27m at the short (70 mm) end of the zoom range, and 0.85m if you’ve zoomed in to shoot at 180 mm.

Cinematic video shots
With its variable telephoto reach, quiet focusing, and suppressed focus breathing, the NIKKOR Z 70-180mm f/2.8 makes a great lens for video too. Easily get cinematic-looking shots – whether you’re simply filming events from afar, using the lens’ shallow depth of field to make your close-ups sing, or getting creative with the longer focal lengths to create a parallax effect.

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