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Nikon NIKKOR Z 180-600mm f/5.6-6.3 VR

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Take the long shot and bring the action to you in crisp, high-resolution detail. Photos or movies, this full-frame super-telephoto zoom lens gives you the reach you need and the sharpness you want.

Don’t hold back. Extreme super-telephoto reach.
Who doesn’t like options when shooting at a distance? This lens’ broad 180-600 mm focal-length range easily covers the most popular focal lengths for wildlife, birds, and aircraft photography, while leaving plenty of flexibility for sports and landscapes. You can nail sharp shots at close range too thanks to a minimum focus distance of just 2.4 m at 600 mm, and 1.3 m at 180 mm.

Excellent agility
No matter your subject, the light weight (approx. 1955g) of this full-frame super-telephoto zoom lens puts so many more shots and locations within reach. You can travel lighter than expected, and the internal zoom allows balanced handheld shooting: zoom in or out, and then pan or tilt, all without a tripod. You may even find yourself shooting scenes from entirely new perspectives!

Spot-on autofocus
AF is optimised for shooting fast-moving subjects like birds, wildlife, sports, and aircraft in both stills and videos. The high-speed Stepping Motor (STM) is extremely quiet during focusing and movie recording – which is perfect for capturing timid wildlife. Tracking is rock-steady when used in conjunction with Nikon Z mirrorless cameras that incorporate Animal or Vehicle subject detection.

Powerful in-lens stabilisation
Nikon's in-lens optical Vibration Reduction compensates for vibrations from handheld shooting, panning, tripod movements, wind – anything – to give you a 5.5-stop advantage. You’re free to shoot at slower shutter speeds without sacrificing sharpness, which is ideal in low light. For fast-moving action, SPORT Mode stabilises the viewfinder image, making it easier to acquire rapid or unpredictable subjects.

Introducing the NIKKOR Z 180-600mm f/5.6-6.3 VR

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