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Canon CN-R135mm T2.2 L F

Canon’s RF cine lenses achieve exceptional optical performance, excellent colour reproduction and are suitable for use with 4K and 8K cameras.

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Canon’s RF cine lenses achieve exceptional optical performance, excellent colour reproduction and are suitable for use with 4K and 8K cameras – optimally positioning large-diameter aspherical lens elements and lens elements with anomalous dispersion glass. Their compatibility with the full-frame large-format sensor, bright T-stop values, and the use of 11 aperture blades allow for a shallow depth of field for subjects, natural round blurring, and soft image expressions. In addition, since the colour balance is unified throughout the series, adjusting colour tones when changing lenses while shooting the same scene can be done with greater ease.

With an appropriate sense of torque of the operation ring, the new lenses allow for precise and smooth adjustments that are required for cinema shooting. In addition, due to the unified design across the series, including the gear position of the operation ring, the diameter of the lens and the rotation angle (operation angle), the lenses can be exchanged smoothly without the need to adjust the mounting position of the matte box or external follow focus accessories for each model. A new knurled surface near the mount provides a comfortable fit in the user’s hand, allowing the lens to be held securely without gripping the operation ring when attaching and detaching different lenses.

Welcome to the world of RF Cine.

Refined ergonomics, redefined handling
Confidently secure these lenses without the need for an adapter when utilising RF mount Cinema EOS cameras such as the EOS C70 and EOS R5 C. With a newly developed fixed ring design, CN-R Prime lenses make handheld operation more comfortable, intuitive, and efficient.

Mechanical precision in a compact design
With a smooth and consistent 300-degree focus rotation, consistent gear positions/front diameter and a compact, robust design, this lens offers a no-compromise, lightweight solution for professional productions.

Exceptional optical performance
Meet the demanding requirements of professional 4K, 8K and HDR productions. The Canon RF cine lenses produce exceptional clarity with minimal focus breathing, alongside authentic warm colour and skin tone reproduction.

Uncompromised full frame creativity
Bring a new dimension to your creativity with the Canon RF Cine range, that boast T-stops up to T1.3, with broad focal lengths covering ultra- wide to telephoto, all with shallow depth- of-field. These lenses can also be utilised on Super 35mm sensor RF mount cameras for extra versatility.

RF Mount cinema lenses for professional productions
Step into cinematic filmmaking with a range of RF cine prime lenses that offer ultra-fast, real-time metadata capture plus all-new features such as in-camera electronic distortion correction.

Introducing Canon RF Cinema Prime Lenses

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