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If we were to use one word to describe these shoulder rigs it would be balance! You cannot shoot with a rig that is not balanced, you’ll be fighting fatigue on long shoots. Whether you’re shooting TV, film, documentaries, weddings or news, a balanced shoulder mounted rig will keep your shots steady and allow you to shoot the whole day.

The Zacuto Next Generation Rig is compatible with many cameras including mirrorless and DSLRs. It includes the VCT Pro baseplate which will help you balance your rig and is universal for all cameras (size and weight allowing). The QR Riser raises the camera to a height compatible with matte boxes. It also allows you to quick release your camera and mount it to a tripod in seconds. The Zgrip Zwivel fully articulating handgrip gets your hand in the most comfortable position. Wrapping around the side and top of the rig is the Halfcage Rail and Recoil Handle.

The Zacuto Next Generation Rig is made up of the following items:

• Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate
• Zacuto QR Riser
• Zacuto 3” Z Rail
• Zacuto Half Cage Rail
• Zacuto Axis Mini
• Zacuto Zgrip Z-Mount Zwivel
• Zacuto Recoil Handle


Features of the VCT Pro Baseplate

Description Quantity
QR Riser1
  -  Large Red Thumb Screw1
  -  1/4 Screw1
  -  Gorilla Plate V21
  -  Tripod Dock with 15mm Stud Rod and Locating Pin1
3" Z-Rail1
  -  1/4 Screw2
Half Cage1
  -  Allen Key1
  -  Large Red Thumb Screw2
  -  Allen Key Screws (attached)14
  -  5" Z-Rail1
  -  2 Screws (on Z-Rail)2
  -  Wooden Handle1
  -  Rail grip (attached to handle via Allen bolts)1
  -  Long rail section (attached to handle via Allen bolts)1
Axis Mini1
  -  Small Red Thumb Screw / Small Red Thumbs Screw x 23
  -  Paperwork1
  -  3 inch rod (for linking to Zacuto rigs) and attaching hex bolt1
  -  Black thumb screw1
  -  Supplement section (for attaching rod mounted viewfinders).1
Zgrip Z-Mount Zwivel1
  -  Small Red Thumb Screw / Small Red Thumbs Screw x 23
  -  15mm Rod Mount Bracket2
  -  Handle with 6 Screws1
  -  4.5 Inch Rod with Ball Mount1
Recoil Handle1
  -  Small Red Thumb Screw / Small Red Thumbs Screw x 24
  -  Cold Shoe Accessory Jaws1
  -  Z-Rail Jaws1
  -  Allen Bolts12
  -  Cross Head Screws2
VCT Pro Baseplate1
  -  Allen Key1
  -  Small Red Thumb Screw / Small Red Thumbs Screw x 21
  -  Large Red Thumb Screw2
  -  1/4 Screw1
  -  3/4 screw1
  -  USB Drive (Containing Manual)1
  -  Allen Key Screws (attached)7
  -  Sliding Red Plate (Quick Release)1
  -  15mm Rod2
  -  VCT Wedge Tail (with 2 cross head screws)1
  -  Tail Hook (with 4 cross head screws)1
  -  Washer5
  -  Cross head screws to main unit (under slip plate)3
  -  Side mounting bracket (with 3 connecting screws)1

Viewfinder / monitor not included.

Takes 15mm rods/rails.

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