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Hire iBlockCube Travel Plug Adapter

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WORLDWIDE COMPATIBILITY - It covers more than 150+ countries with US/EU/UK/AU plugs.  

SAFETY PROTECTION - One of the very few all-in-one travel adapters that pass the very strict regulatory standard BS:8546.Certified by FCC, CE, ICE, and ROHS, high-quality fire-resistant and high temperature-resistant PC material make it fireproof of up to 750℃. Built-in Safety Shutters, Smart IC for intelligent charging, and an LED power indicator are included with the 8A fuses. If the LED is steady, it's in normal operation, and if it's flashing, it's overload.

QUALITY TRAVEL GADGET - It has 4 plugs + 2 USB, you can use it with computers, hairdryers, phones, laptops, toothbrushes, and many other electicals.

SPECIFICATIONS - 100 -240 Vacs, 50/60Hz, Max Load 8A. Power is 880W at 110 Vacs, 1840W at 230Vac. Apply to power electric appliances when traveling, such as mobile phones, low-power small household appliances.

This adapter cannot be used in South Africa, India, Israel, Switzerland and Italy, and it converts the power outlet only. It does NOT convert electrical output into current and voltage.

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