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Canon announce 7D Mk II

15 September 2014

Canon announce 7D Mk II

So here it is - the new Canon 7D Mk II. Doesn't really look much different to its predecessor and actually you'd be right - the only thing that pops out is the mode dial lock. Some will think this good news. Others might be disappointed that Canon haven't adopted a moveable LCD screen. Whilst we're on the subject of the housing, it is claimed that the Mk II has four times the weather sealing of the original.
So onto the innards. The camera features a new APS-C CMOS sensor with a pixel count of 20.2mp. Coupled with two of Canon's DIGIC 6 image processors, the 7D Mk II can shoot at up to 10fps (and up to 31 raw files at that speed before hitting the buffers). There's a new 150,000 pixel RGB+IR metering sensor to provide more accurate exposures. The ISO range is 100-16,000 expandable up to ISO equivalent of 51,200. How good it is remains to be seen once we're allowed to put a card in one!
Canon 7D Mk II

The big news is the AF system - a 65 point one where every one of those points is actually a cross-type (rather than 19 as in the original camera). It also get the AI Servo III from the 1DX. Users of a 1DX (and indeed a 5D Mk III) will recognise the AF case studies (I've always found them very effective and actually have never gained anything from adjusting too much!). All this means the AF takes a large jump forward in performance.
Wifi is not included as standard which is a shame. You're expected to part with considerably more cash for the WFT-E7 wireless file transmitter. I have to say I now use Wifi a hell of a lot to turn around images for review on the iPad.
Canon 7D Mk II So video wise, no 4K? Afraid not, that would have been a killer surprise too far but it's really a shame as Canon led the D-SLR video market for a long time and the likes of the GH4 and A7s are rather showing them up. Anyway, we finally have full 1980 50/60p recording. We've also got Dual Pixel CMOS AF as well but half the genius of that system is being able to use the touchscreen on the 70D to rack focus between two points - the 7D Mk II doesn't have a touchscreen. That's just such a shame.

Canon 7D Mk II

Oh and let's we forget - a Canon with an intervalometer!! Who'd have thought it!

So in summary, if you're a Canon shooter and can't afford a 1DX and shoot sport, the 7D Mk II should definitely be on your shopping list. Video wise, there's nothing special and I can't see anyone really looking to buy it for that reason alone.
We'll be looking to stock once in stock which should be late October.