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Canon announces the CN-E70-200mm Cine-servo lens

02 May 2017

Canon announces the CN-E70-200mm Cine-servo lens

The Canon CN-E 18-80mm lenses have proved very popular since their arrival, usually bolted to the front of a Canon C100 Mk II or C300 Mk II.  It's easy to see why - reasonable build quality, not too heavy, a servo zoom, image stablisation and autofocus support.  For corporate work, they take a lot of the effort out of things.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to work out that Canon sooner or later would deliver a longer sibling, the idea being to complete the focal coverage from 18-200mm through the two lenses (indeed you could go up to 400mm using a 2.0x extender!).  You'll note the same constant T4.4 aperture across them both.  You'll also note if you compare them side by side they are the same size and weight.

Here is what Canon has to say - 

'Canon Europe, world leader in imaging solutions, today announces the launch of its latest compact cine-servo lens - the CN-E70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S. Designed for professional and advanced amateur videographers using large-format, single-sensor cameras, it ensures that movies, documentaries, weddings and corporate videos can be captured with the upmost precision and quality. Offering an impressive focal length of 70-200mm in the Super 35 image circle, the versatile lens joins the CN-E18-80mm launched in 2016 and completes Canon’s compact cine-servo lens line-up.

CN-E70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S FSL.jpg

Incredible accuracy
With a powerful native optical zoom of 2.8x, precise focus and servo zoom functions, the CN-E70-200 opens up a variety of shooting opportunities. Even when the zoom is changed, the optics stay perfectly in focus, ideal for single users needing to quickly alter the shot without switching lens, such as in newsgathering.

The new CN-E70-200 is a parfocal lens with three modes of image stabilisation. By combining with the CN-E18-80 lens, videographers can enjoy a versatile focal range of 18-400mm¹, perfect for when filming must take place from a safe distance such as in sport.

Designed to function with Canon EF mount DSLRs and compatible detachable lens video cameras, the CN-E70-200 leverages a wide range of mount functions and super-fast autofocusing (AF). Powerful Dual Pixel CMOS AF enables a quick and accurate focus via a single button push (one-shot AF), while continuous AF allows for a subject to be tracked with no loss of focus, ideal for capturing wildlife footage.

4K optical quality
Canon’s heritage in optical design and performance means the CN-E70-200 has super accurate resolving power; maintaining quality from the middle of the lens to the edge. The modulation transfer function has been specifically enhanced for the requirements of 4K cameras and with colour balance matched to other Canon cinema EOS lenses, the CN-E70-200 delivers exceptional image quality – whether filming in 4K or HD.

Enhanced operability
Thanks to its compact size and lightweight, the CN-E70-200 can be used in a range of challenging shooting scenarios such as on spider cameras or drones. This, combined with its ergonomic design and optional Canon ZSG-C10 zoom grip, means the lens is able to unlock a broad range of new shooting styles. Attached to the body of the lens with a 20-pin cable, the ZSG-C10 allows for smooth remote activation of the zoom servo and one-shot AF. It can be operated while mounted on the lens barrel for comfortable shoulder-mounted shooting, or removed from the lens and operated by hand. The ZSG-C10 comprises an easy-to-use rocker switch, start/stop record button, one-shot AF button and an adjustable grip angle for optimum comfort.

CN-E70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S Key Features:

High-quality features, low price tag
Seamless EF-mount integration
Engaging bokeh effect
Eliminate focus breathing
Superb 4K performance
Convenient servo grip'

I heard quite a few people moaning at NAB about the lens, disappointed it wasn't faster.  The point is it would need to be heavier and more costly to do that and I can't help but think that this lens isn't really aimed at that point in the market, much like the 18-80mm.  We will soon find out as the lens should be shipping to us around August time.