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Fujifilm introduce new MK range of cine lenses

22 February 2017

Fujifilm introduce new MK range of cine lenses


Fujifilm has announced the release of the new MK series of cinema camera lenses. The first to be released is the FUJINON MK18-55mm T2.9, available in early March 2017. Following that, the FUJINON MK50-135mm T2.9 will be launched this summer. 

The lenses will be compatible with Sony E-mount cameras, with the Super 35mm / APS-C sensor and also Fujifilm’s X Series cameras. Though the X Mount version won’t be available until the end of the year.

Both lenses offer T2.9 speed across the entire zoom range which will enable a shallow depth-of-field as well as a beautiful bokeh effect. 

The lenses feature three rings to enable manual and independent adjustment of focus, zoom and iris, all with the gear pitch of 0.8M, the same as all of FUJINON cine lenses, while the focus ring can rotate 200 degrees for precise manual focusing. The iris also supports click free seamless adjustment.

Inside, the lens has a front focusing group of lens elements and a zooming group of lens elements that are driven independently from one another to suppress focus shift while zooming, eliminating the need to refocus after zooming.

Fujifilm has also standardised the design to reduce the number of accessories, such as matte boxes and filters. Each lens has an 85mm diameter and an 82mm filter thread. In addition, the gears for each of the control rings is positioned in the same place to eliminate the need to re-position your accessories if you switch lenses.

Needless to say, we are a little excited by these lenses and aim to get some in as soon as possible for hire!



Specification: FUJINON MK18-55mm T2.9 

Focal length: 18-55mm

Zoom ratio 3.0x 

F-No: F2.75 

T-No: T2.9

Image size: 24.84mm × 13.97mm(φ28.5mm)

Minimum Object Distance (MOD): 0.85m/2ft 9in (0.38m/1ft 2.9in in the macro mode)

Object dimensions (at MOD) [Horizontal × Vertical] 16:9 aspect ratio: 18mm: 924mm × 520mm; 55mm: 291mm × 164mm

Angle of view [Horizontal × Vertical] 16:9 aspect ratio: 18mm: 69.2°× 42.4° ; 55mm: 25.5°× 14.5°

Number of iris blades: 9 

Filter diameter: 82mm

Front diameter: 85mm 

Length: 206.3mm 

Weight (approximate): 980g

Lens mount: E-mount


Specification: FUJINON MK50-135mm T2.9 (under development)

Focal length: 50-135mm

Zoom ratio: 2.7 x

F-No: F2.75


Image size:24.84mm × 13.97mm(φ28.5mm)

Minimum Object Distance (MOD): 1.2m/3ft 11in (0.85m/2ft 9in in the macro mode)

Object dimensions: (at M.O.D.) [Horizontal × Vertical] 16:9 aspect ratio: 50mm: 534mm x 300mm; 135mm: 196mm x 110mm

Angle of view: [Horizontal × Vertical] 16:9 aspect ratio: 50mm 27.9° x 15.9° ; 135mm: 10.5° x 5.9°

Number of iris blades: 9 

Filter diamete:r 82mm 

Front diameter: 85mm 

Length: 206.3mm

Weight: (approximate) 980g 

Lens mount: E-mount