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JUST ANNOUNCED: Canon announces development of the EOS R5

13 February 2020

JUST ANNOUNCED: Canon announces development of the EOS R5

Anyone who follows Canon Rumors will have known about the possible existence of this camera but today Canon officially confirmed it all releasing some technical details.  

Canon EOS R5

So here are the four things highlighted in Canon's release -

The EOS R5 will include a newly developed CMOS sensor that makes possible such advanced features as high-speed continuous shooting—up to approximately 20 frames per second (FPS) using an electronic shutter and up to approximately 12 FPS using a mechanical shutter.

The camera's 8K video capture capability will enable users to extract high-resolution still images from video footage as well as process 8K video into higher-quality 4K video. 

What's more, the EOS R5 will be the first Canon camera equipped with a high-performance coordinated image stabilization (IS) system that integrates the camera's in-body IS with IS systems on attached RF lenses.

Lastly, the camera will also feature dual media card slots.

That's all we officially know for the moment.  Expect more to come out over the coming months and we assume we will be seeing the camera launched later this year.