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Nikon D5

07 May 2017

Nikon D5


The Nikon D5 sits at the very top of Nikon’s lineup of full-frame professional DSLRs. We thought we’d remind you why.

Low light capabilities 

One of the headline features of the D5 is its incredible high ISO capabilities. It’s possible to shoot at up to ISO 3,280,000 - while these figures have more use for surveillance where image quality isn’t quite so important, those lower down the chart perform excellently well. Think of it as a car which has a top speed that never gets used, but the mid-range is the sweet spot.

Not only can you trust high ISOs to perform well, autofocusing in low light is also superb. The AF points of the D5 have a sensitivity which goes down to -4EV, making it more sensitive than rivals such as the Canon 1DX Mark II. If you’re photographing in levels as low as moonlight, the D5 should have no problem capturing the subject.


Excellent handling 

Thanks to its shape and size, the D5 has room for two sets of controls on both its landscape format grip and its portrait format grip. That means you can fire off the shutter release and change the AF point no matter how you’re using it, making it a great camera to use and hold.The excellent construction and weatherproofing make it a tough camera to use in all manner of different situations too - seals around the buttons and dials mean you can trust the camera even if a great British downpour threatens to ruin a shoot.


Sports/action excellence

If you need a camera to record sports and action, then the D5 is a fantastic choice. It boasts 12fps, which can be boosted to 14fps if you shoot with the mirror up, giving you plenty of scope to capture the definitive moment. Not only that, but the impressive buffer can capture 200 NEF (raw format) files in one go. The 153-point AF system is configurable for continuous AF mode, making for a great tracking performance, too. All of these specifications and settings make the D5 ideal for action, as well as being fantastic for wildlife photography.


4K video recording 

Creating beautiful 4K video which benefits from the look and feel of a full-frame sensor combined with some superb lenses available for the Nikon F mount is possible with the D5. You can record at frame rates up to 30p, while clean HDMI out gives videographers maximum flexibility. Why not consider the D5 for your next video project?


Superlative battery life 

If you need to rely on a camera to keep you going all day, the extraordinary battery life of the D5 is something you can rely on. CIPA rated at 3780 shots per charge, in real life it may last even longer. That means it’s extremely unlikely you’ll need any additional batteries, even if you’re shooting something extensive like a wedding or special event.


The Nikon D5 is a true professional DSLR in every sense of the word and if you shoot Nikon it is well worth considering for your next job. Details on availability for the Nikon D5 can be found here.