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NOW IN STOCK: DZOFILM Catta Zoom Bundle 35-80/70-135 T2.9

25 March 2022

NOW IN STOCK: DZOFILM Catta Zoom Bundle 35-80/70-135 T2.9

We’re very excited about the arrival of the new Catta Zooms from DZOFILM – the 35-80mm T2.9-T22, and the 70-135mm T2.9-T22. These super-lightweight cinema lenses are designed for full frame sensors and sport a parfocal design which grabs hold of the subject and dramatically reduces focus breathing. With the huge rise in popularity of full-frame mirrorless cameras, we expect these lenses to go out like hot cakes.

The DZOFILM Catta Zooms have recently become some of the most in-demand cine lenses on the market, thanks not only to their compact size and weight, but also to their ultimate versatility and superb performance in low light.

These lenses are constructed from high-grade polycarbonate and fibreglass, which has enabled DZOFILM to keep the weights right down – the 35-80mm weighs only 1.53kg, and the 70-135mm weighs less than 1.6kg, making them both a dream to use either handheld or with a gimble.

The effects of focus breathing are all but eliminated thanks to the parfocal design, meaning that when you adjust the focus, the focal length remains the same – you don’t lose or gain any of the frame, which produces a truly professional and cinematic feel. Additionally, the focus point remains in place when you zoom in or out, which is incredibly helpful from a practical standpoint, but it also lends itself very well to dolly shots ­and the capture of dramatic Hitchcock-esque effects.

Not only do these lenses take standard 77mm front filters, but they also have built-in rear filter holders, giving you even more versatility and creative options. A favourite of ours here is a variable neural density filter, which will allow you to open the aperture right up if you are shooting in bright conditions, without over-exposing, or capture an especially shallow depth of field for a truly high-end look.


You can hire the new DZOFILM Catta Zoom Bundle, HERE.