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Sigma 20mm Art lenses now in stock

12 November 2015

Sigma 20mm Art lenses now in stock

They've arrived!  Okay I'll admit I am just a little bit excited.  Sigma has just surprised everyone with just how good their Global Vision range has been so far (and we're not just talking about the primes either - their new zoom lenses have really exceeded expectations).  So we already have the wonderful 24mm and 35mm Art lenses but we knew Sigma was going to offer something a bit wider and here is it - the 20mm f/1.4 - the fastest ultra wide DSLR lens!

Unlike the 24mm, you can't remove the lens hood as it's fixed due to the shape of the front element.  So no filter mounting.  Sigma has used a new 59mm double asperical element with this lens (which is apparently very difficult to make) which is said to minimize distortion and chromatic aberration .  Their Super Multi-Layer Coating is said to keep flare under control.

I'm hoping to get my hands on one this weekend to have a play (asssuming they don't all go out).

You will find details about the Canon mount here and Nikon mount here.