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So first week of website done!

07 September 2015

This time seven days ago, I would lying if I said I wasn't a touch apprehensive.  Yes, our old website was antiquated and in desperate need of an update but at least it worked reliably, day after day - indeed I can count the number of times it went wrong over 7 years of service on one hand.

So fast forward to today and we've just about survived our first week with the new site.  it has been an interesting challenge as orders cross both systems but this week will see us wave goodbye to the old system once and for all as the last of the Order Complete emails are sent.

We have also found some glitches with the new site but thankfully we have a team of developers working hard on sorting those issues.  We've also received from great feedback from customers on what they like but also what they want to see.  More filters please was one of the big ones so we'll be working on improving those.  Kit lists and packages are also in the plan.

The booking system is being worked on now so we can incorporate collection addresses and we're currently sorting an edit option so amendments don't have to end in cancellations.

Please, if you have anything you like to offer in terms of us improving things, do let us (or me personally) know.

This week also sees the start of IBC in Amsterdam.  I'll be heading over there on Friday morning.  It's a crazy day of running around seeing the latest products, meeting with manufacturers and discussing what we will stocking going forwards.  I'm already aware of several launches - sadly I'm under NDA so can't say - so I know I am going to busy!  I'll be taking a camera along with me to grab some stills and hopefully get some footage to post up.

Today's going to be filled with getting more new kit up on the website - we've expanded our range of Kessler Second Shooter kits after many requests to do so.  We've also taken on more Sony accessories to keep up with the demand for the a7 range.  Lastly (I think) is the Atomos Ninja Assasin - think Shogun without the SDI (and XLR inputs) - a perfect partner for the 4K smaller cameras.

It's going to be another busy week.  I wish you a very good one!