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8 Things to Try With The Nikon D500

13 November 2017

8 Things to Try With The Nikon D500


Sitting at the top of Nikon’s APS-C line-up, the Nikon D500 is an extremely versatile camera. It’s a fantastic all-rounder, and it shouldn’t be overlooked in favour of its full-frame brethren. In fact, some of the specifications descend directly from its larger siblings, while it could also be argued that a newer APS-C camera is better than an older full-frame.

Here are a few things to try with this key model to help you get the most from it.

1. Low light

Nikon D500 high ISO

The D500 has a native sensitivity ranging from ISO 100 up to ISO 51200, but it also has some expansion settings which allow you to shoot up to 1,640,000. While it’s true you’ll probably want to avoid that very top setting, the other Hi settings can be very useful. Thanks to the advanced EXPEED 5 processor, noise isn’t always too problematic either. Try experimenting with the different Hi ISO settings to see how far you can push the D500’s sensor.

2. 4K video

Nikon D500 4K

4K is the buzzword of video right now, but if you don’t have anything of your own that you can use to capture the ultra high resolution format, why not check out the D500? You can record at frame rates up to 30p, and you have full manual settings to give you complete creative control.

3. Sport and action photography

Nikon D500 sports photography

The D500 is a great camera for sports and action. It can shoot at 10fps, with a high-performance buffer which will see you right for a solid 200 shots at a time.

Nikon D500 sports photography

The smaller (than full-frame) sensor of the D500 also means you can get closer to the action. A 100mm lens will be the equivalent of a 100mm lens, while a 300mm gets a boost to 450mm.

4. Utilise the touchscreen

Nikon D500 touchscreen

Touch-sensitive screens are starting to become more prevalent in high-end cameras. A great use for the Nikon D500’s touch-sensitive screen is while shooting macro images in Live View. A quick tap of the screen allows you to change the AF point, and even fire the shutter release if you want it to. Afterwards, scroll through and zoom into images using touch gestures to make sure you got the focusing spot on.

5. Make use of Picture Controls

Nikon D500 picture controls

A range of Picture Controls are a great way to experiment with colours in-camera. The standard preset does a good job for most cases, but you can get great results by switching to the different options. ‘Landscapes’ is great for, well, landscapes, for example. The monochrome setting is great for helping you to imagine how a black and white conversion will turn out - shoot in raw format and you’ll still have the colour NEF file to work with should you need it.

6. Try different Auto White Balance settings

The Nikon D500 has three different automatic white balance settings. It can be beneficial to change between them to suit your subject. Try moving between Auto 0, which should reduce warm colours, Auto 2, which should boost warm colours, and Auto 1, which should fall somewhere in between.

Nikon D500 white balance

Auto 0

Nikon D500 white balance

Auto 2

Nikon D500 white balance

Auto 3

7. Get creative with multiple exposures

Nikon D500 multiple exposures

A throwback to analogue photography, multiple exposures are a fun way to get creative with your photography. It’s easy to set up with the Nikon D500, and what’s more, you can choose to only create one multiple exposure in isolation, negating the risk of accidentally leaving the camera in multiple exposure mode. You can shoot between two and ten exposures - it’s worth experimenting with different numbers to find a balance you like best.

8. Get more from your lenses with a 1.3x crop

If you’re trying to get closer to your subject but your lenses only reach so far, activate the 1.3x crop mode to get closer. Find the option in the main menu.

Nikon D500 no crop

Without crop

Nikon D500 no crop

 With 1.3x crop

The Nikon D500 is available for hire HERE, why not give some of these techniques a go and share your favourites on our Facebook page?