New compact radio-controlled flash from Sony

10 February 2017 | Category: General News

New compact radio-controlled flash from Sony


Aimed at users of Sony E-mount cameras such as the A7 models and A6500, the new HVL-F45RM flashgun has a Guide Number of 45. The flash unit can also tilt 150° upward or 8° downward with horizontal swivelling through 360°, making it suitable for use as a bounced light source.

The HVL-F45RM also has radio capabilities built in to enable it to act as a transmitter or a receiver over up to 30m (approx. 98 feet). This makes it useful for creative flash photography allowing it to work with multiple flash set-ups. In fact, when set to operate as a commander it can trigger up to 15 compatible flashguns or receivers in up to 5 groups.

A significant bonus of a radio-controlled wireless flash system over an optical flash system is that it doesn’t need a direct line-of-sight between units to function. Also, there are no issues with bright sunlight hampering the transmission of the signal.

The creative potential of the HVL-F45RM  is further enhanced by its high-speed sync (HSS) capability which enables it to be used at all shutter speeds - that’s great news if you're shooting outdoors and at wide apertures.

There’s also an LED light to provide constant illumination when shooting video. In addition, the large LCD screen displays an improved menu system with a similar layout to those of Sony’s recent cameras, making the flash easy to use. 

According to Sony, the HVL-F45RM flash has a battery life of up to 210 flashes and a normal, full-power recycle time of 2.5 seconds. Seals around the joints and controls also make the flash resistant to dust and moisture.

The Sony HVL-F45RM is set to go on sale in March 2017 and we anticipate receiving some samples for testing around the same time. Should be a great addition to our range of A7 cameras and accessories.