NOW IN STOCK: Fujifilm X-Pro 3 – Enjoy Taking Pictures without Distractions

10 January 2020 | Category: General News

NOW IN STOCK: Fujifilm X-Pro 3 – Enjoy Taking Pictures without Distractions


Featuring a durable yet elegant ‘Duratect’ coating and titanium exterior, advanced hybrid viewfinder with enhanced resolution to enhance the joy of viewfinder shooting, and a beautiful new ‘CLASSIC Neg’ Film Simulation, the FUJIFILM X-Pro3 celebrates the essence of pure photography.

Enjoy taking pictures without distractions

The hidden LCD encourages a more traditional shooting style, prompting photographers to concentrate on composing using the viewfinder. Of course, you can flip open the screen to check your images between shooting sessions, but in essence, the X-Pro3 wants you to trust your instincts as a photographer and shoot without the distraction of checking the back of the camera after every shot. The LCD screen helps you to adjust the settings and find what needs to be improved, ready for next time.

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Masters of colour for over 85 years

FUJIFILM has continued to study colour since the production and development of photographic films in 1934. The technologies and experiences, accumulated over the years, have been injected into the Film Simulation modes. Each of the carefully chosen modes has a unique set of colours and tonality to create images that reflect how a photographer felt at the time of taking a picture. The world of extended colour expressions including CLASSIC CHROME, ACROS and ETERNA, is now joined by another new mode of Film Simulation.

Fujifilm Classic Film

The new Film Simulation mode has been designed to simulate colour negative film that was traditionally chosen for snapshots of everyday scenes. The colours, precisely controlled for each level of brightness, create a rich chromatic contrast to add extra definition. The new “CLASSIC Neg.” takes you back to scenes as you saw them growing up, bringing back the joy of photography.

A camera body that becomes an extension of you

The X-Pro3 design means you can keep your eyes focused on the subject while your fingers access the various buttons and dials to ensure that you never miss a perfect photo opportunity. This is the ultimate design for analogue camera operation.

Made from titanium – ready for any environment

From the start, the X Series has strived to preserve the elegance, beauty and functionality of a camera whilst making sure that the history of photography is respected. Once you pick up this camera, you will feel this and enjoy the sense of nostalgia. The unique character of the titanium finish will never be lost. You quickly realise a camera is much more than just a photographic tool.

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Weather resistant

Street photographers prefer to carry their camera on them rather than putting it in a bag, to make sure they are ready to capture those fleeting moments that will never exist again. What they need is a compact, lightweight and reliable camera, allowing them to focus on capturing the world around them, and this is just that.

Fujifilm X-Pro3

Monochromatic Colour

The X-Pro3 allows you to choose a key colour from a matrix of warm / cool tones and magenta / green hues. You can incorporate the rich gradation into your images to create photographs with a personal twist. Enjoy creating your own monochrome world with added hues, going beyond the traditional approach of using warm tones for a retro look and cool tones for urban snapshots.



The Fujifilm X-Pro 3 is now available for hire, HERE.