Rotolight announce the Neo 2 LED light

4 September 2017 | Category: General News

Rotolight announce the Neo 2 LED light

We love the Rotolight Neo kits and judging by how often they go out the door, so do our customers.  Rotolight made a pretty big announcement last week - they have been working in collaboration with Elinchrom to produce a new range of lights with Elinchrom's Skyport Protocol built in.  Here's a quick cut from that press announcement - 

The partnership between two leading lighting manufacturers presents incredible creative opportunity for photographers and videographers. The integrated Skyport 2.4 Ghz high speed sync (HSS) wireless flash receiver eliminates the need to purchase a standalone flash receiver, while also providing rock-solid reliability, range, flexibility and control for multiple off camera lighting setups.

Not only can you use the Elinchrom Skyport Protocol to trigger HSS for photography, you can also adjust colour temperature, brightness and trigger Rotolight’s suite of CineSFXTM for film and video work.

“Elinchrom Skyport represents the best in class wireless HSS triggering technology, and its combination with Rotolight’s pioneering LED product range, will provide creative imagemakers with a unique innovative feature set, and unrivalled consistency and reliability” said Rod Aaron Gammons, Managing Director of Rotolight.

This revolutionary partnership will enable users to trigger and control up to 10 lights, in four groups. Whether you’re shooting a wedding, sports, wildlife or fashion, the integrated Skyport enables you to create your lighting set up and begin shooting at up to 200m distance. The trigger set is available immediately for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic camera systems (with Fuji to follow next year).

Simon Whittle, CEO of Elinchrom said “We are extremely excited to be working with Rotolight, a disruptive innovator in the lighting industry with a unique set of industry first features. This collaboration between both companies will provide creative imagemakers with a state of the art solution that is uniquely versatile, whilst also being rock solid and consistent”.

Forward on a week and today Rotolight have unveiled the Neo 2.  In continuous mode it delivers a light 85% brighter than its predecessor.  Like the Neo, you have adjustable colour temperature and power output.  All well and good but the really cool part is being able to use High Speed Sync (HSS) flash for photography, offering a 500% increase in light ouput over continuous mode.  And there's no recyle time!  Watching a test today at 11fps, it didn't put a foot wrong - no power loss, no missing a shot.  Wireless triggering at 1/8000th is available at up to 200m.  Anyone who has used our Elinchrom kits will be familiar with the HSS transmitter.  We will be stocking them for Canon, Sony, Nikon and Olympus/Panasonic.  Apparently a Fuji version is on its way.

We've put our order in for individual lights and 3 light kits and expect to see them pretty soon.