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VIDEO: Sony a7C, is This the Best Vlogging Camera for 2021?

10 August 2021

VIDEO: Sony a7C, is This the Best Vlogging Camera for 2021?

Are you a vlogger, a YouTuber, or perhaps a TikTok influencer? If so, you’ll want the best equipment at your disposal to help you produce high quality content with a truly professional look to get ahead of the competition and really make your mark. With millions of people fighting for attention in the viral video world, you can’t afford to fall behind due to low production quality, and in this video, Sam Holland examines the Sony a7C and gives his insight into why he feels it could be the best vlogging camera available right now. Here, he discusses autofocus, image stabilisation, image quality, practical use and much more, plus he compares it to Canon’s nearest equivalent, the EOS R6. So, without further ado, over to Sam!

So, if you are a video content creator and would like to try the Sony a7C for yourself, you can hire it, HERE.

Sam Holland: