JUST ANNOUNCED: Sony CBK-FS7BK build-up kit

8 April 2019 | Category: Motion

JUST ANNOUNCED: Sony CBK-FS7BK build-up kit

Las Vegas, April 7th 2019: At NAB, Sony is further optimising its popular PXW-FS7 and PXW-FS7 II XDCAM camcorders for news gathering thanks to the introduction of a new ENG-style build-up kit and a B4 lens to E-mount adapter. The build-up kit, CBK-FS7BK, enables extended shoulder mount usage, making the camcorders ideal for further applications from news production, interviews, documentaries and reality television shooting. Combined with the LA-EB1, a new lens mount adapter, both E-mount and B4 lens assets can be used on either an FS7 or FS7 II, allowing users to capture images with deep and shallow Depth of Field (DoF) – all with a single camera.

“The new build-up kit and lens mount adapter give the FS7 and FS7 II camcorders the ergonomics, networking features, and zoom ratio of a traditional run-and-gun shoulder mount camcorder – allowing crews to quickly adapt their shooting capabilities with minimal equipment,” said Norbert Paquet, Head of Product Management at Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “As video production evolves, the demand for cinematic-style shooting has permeated into every corner of the industry, including broadcast news. FS7 shooters will be excited by the possibilities and adaptability that the new build-up kit and lens mount adapter provides to power today and transform tomorrow.”


The new CBK-FS7BK build-up kit includes the following: an extension unit with a wireless audio receiver slot and built-in network capability providing advanced network operation for broadcast usage; a viewfinder and a cheese plate with enhanced robustness, and an adjustable shoulder plate designed to achieve optimal weight balance. Streaming and file transfers are possible via a wireless LAN or a 4G/LTE connection and QoS performance streaming is provided through the camcorder’s Dual Link connection that enables the multiplexing of two cellular networks.

With the new LA-EB1 mount adapter, a B4 lens can be attached to FS7 and FS7 II camcorders.* With it, the camcorder can shoot deep Depth of Field (DoF) with the high zoom ratio necessary for traditional news production.
*The lens requires holding with the CBK-FS7BK or VCT-FS7

Through DC supply from the CBK-FS7BK or FS7 extension unit XDCA-FS7, compatibility with the B4 mount’s communication interface enables start/end recording using the lens REC button. Additionally, information such as iris and focus are displayed on the camera’s viewfinder and recorded as metadata – streamlining efforts in post-production. The adapter also works as a hub for the power zoom of the lens, enabling one-hand operation via the servo zoom.

Other highlights of the CBK-FS7BK build-up kit and LA-EB1 mount adapter, include:

• Various interface support including genlock/timecode for multi-camera operation and RAW output
• Compatible with Sony BP-GL and BP-FL series batteries
• Newly-designed shoulder plate with an extended slide mechanism – allowing users to find the optimum weight balance with their choice of lenses
• ENG-style LCD viewfinder included
• Exchange lenses on location with no tools required
• Image circle is expanded to 13.5mm by magnifying the optical system. The F drop is as small as 0.6 capable of capturing bright images*
*Only supports HD and 2K centre scan mode
• ALAC (Auto Lens Aberration Compensation) decreases chromatic aberration caused by the lens*
*By Version 1.1 planned for early 2020
*Need to supply DC from CBK-FS7BK or XDCA-FS7

Sony's CBK-FS7BK Build Up Kit for FS7 & FS7 II are coming soon and will be available for hire, HERE.