New Røde VideoMic Pro+

25 January 2017 | Category: Motion


The new Røde VideoMic Pro+ comes with some advanced new features that look set to make it the new standard for camera-mounted microphones.

Briefly, the VideoMic Pro+ has a 75Hz and 150Hz high-pass filter, and a -10/+20 decibel output level selection. The windshield has also been redesigned to increase sound quality and to reduce any adverse effect from vibration, the mic capsule has been repositioned. 

The VideoMic Pro+ uses two AA batteries, but Røde has also developed a new removable LB1 lithium-ion battery that promises up to 100 hours of use! Another key feature is the inclusion of a rear mounted 3.5mm jack. So essentially it sounds like they’ve made an already good on-camera microphone even better. 

There is no word on availability yet, but we hope to get more information in the coming weeks. We’ll keep you posted!