Syrp Magic Carpet & Pro with Genie Motors – Overview

17 December 2019 | Category: Motion

Syrp Magic Carpet & Pro with Genie Motors – Overview


Not so long ago we started stocking quite a range of Magic Carpet sliders and Genie motors from Syrp, and they have been proving popular ever since. In this video, Fin talks you through the differences between the standard Magic Carpet slider and the Magic Carpet Pro, as well as explaining why you may want to look at using Syrp’s Linear Drive motor and Pan & Tilt head with your slider to achieve buttery smooth, automated movements.

Sliders are one of those pieces of kit that can really help to elevate your footage to the next level, and the Magic Carpet range feel like delightfully well thought out pieces of equipment. The standard Magic Carpet comes in set lengths, so you need to know which length will best suit your production ahead of time, and you have a choice of either 2ft, 3.3ft or 5.2ft. The supported payload for the Magic Carpet is 5kg, which is actually quite substantial and will cover hefty DSLR rigs up to something like an FS5 or FS7 and a lens. The carriage of the Magic Carpet moves smoothly, and you can attach the included rope to pull things along or attach counterweights if you want to use the slider vertically. When you move up to the Magic Carpet Pro, you can see that it is physically a little bulkier than the standard model. Again, it comes in set lengths, although the Pro model can also be extended by adding track extensions – theoretically offering a never-ending slider! The carriage of the Magic Carpet Pro also includes a built-in flywheel which does a great job of smoothing out motion when you are moving the camera by hand – you can see this at work in the video.

The Genie motors allow you to automate the movement of your slider in a number of ways. The Linear Drive pulls the carriage along the length of your slider in a controlled manner, and the Pan & Tilt head rotates and tips your camera up and down. You can use both motors in tandem, and then control everything from your phone using the Genie app.

All-in-all, Syrp’s range of sliders and motors gives you a huge amount of creative flexibility at different price points and are most definitely worth a look for your next shoot.


N.B. One word of advice for when you are setting up the Genie motors with the app; due to frequent update releases by Syrp, you may be prompted to update the firmware of the Genie before you can use the motors. From our experience, you may need to go outside or somewhere away from too many WIFI and Bluetooth signals in order for the update to complete successfully. We are not entirely sure why this is, but it seems to happen from time to time.

Syrp Genie II Linear Drive
Syrp Genie II Pan Tilt
Syrp Magic Carpet Pro Short 2ft Slider
Syrp Magic Carpet Pro Medium 3ft slider
Syrp Magic Carpet Pro Long 5ft Slider
Syrp Magic Carpet Pro Short Track Extension
Syrp Magic Carpet Pro Medium Track Extension
Syrp Magic Carpet Short 2ft Slider
Syrp Magic Carpet Medium 3.3ft Slider
Syrp Magic Carpet Long 5.2ft Slider