VIDEO: ‘Escape’ to The New Forest in a Caterham 620S

29 July 2019 | Category: Motion

VIDEO: ‘Escape’ to The New Forest in a Caterham 620S


In the final video of the series, Zach Lower of small screen specialists EVEN, travelled west to showcase Caterham’s most powerful road car, the Seven 620S – friends of Hireacamera may recognise the driver!

If you haven’t seen the behind the scenes post yet, including a breakdown of their brief, their shooting techniques and the kit that was used, be sure to watch that first, HERE.

Over to Zach!

This is the final car we shot for the series, the Seven 620S, which is Caterham’s most powerful road car. The kind of person to own one of these cars, like the Seven 420, is a driver who enjoys power but also knows how to use it. For this film we really wanted to show the car on some long straights, we knew the New Forest had some great locations and is a great location to ‘Escape’ to and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

We shot these rolling shots using the DJI Ronin 2 & Canon EOS C200 with the Ready Rig GS Pro-Arm kit  from a tracking vehicle to be able to get nice low shots of the Caterham rolling along the roads. From lower angles it’s particular interesting seeing how the suspension is working to keep the ride as smooth as possible – as the suspension on these cars actually sits outside of the body work you can really see it working.

After a brisk drive in the countryside, the driver returns to his country home, for this location we had to pull in a favour from some good friends who allowed us to use their driveway for the final shots.



Hire links:

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