VIDEO: Livestream Anywhere with the Teradek Vidiu Go and Nodes

12 September 2019 | Category: Motion

VIDEO: Livestream Anywhere with the Teradek Vidiu Go and Nodes


The cellular nodes for the Teradek Vidiu Go allow you to livestream from just about anywhere with a decent phone signal. Whereas traditionally you would need a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection to stream to online platforms such as YouTube or Facebook Live, the nodes use small cellular modems like the one found in your mobile phone to connect using a 3G or 4G signal. All you need to do is pop a sim card with credit into each node, and you are good to go. They connect to the Vidiu Go via the USB ports on each side and fasten with 2 small thumb screws.

How to livestream to Facebook

Once connected you simply boot up the device and it should automatically connect to the internet (you get a small icon confirming this) by which point you can go ahead and stream as you would normally. You can use 1 node, or 2, however if you are planning on streaming solely using 4G, then I would suggest using 2 nodes as this gives you a backup should something go wrong. Along these lines, a tip is to pick 2 sim cards from different networks, the reason being that if you are in an area with patchy signal for one network, the other may have better signal. Something I appreciated is that via the Vidiu app, you can see the connection status for each of your nodes as well as control various other setup options.

The Vidiu Go actually takes this one step further if you get a subscription to one of Teradek’s cloud streaming services – Sharelink or Core. They allow you to ‘bond’ the 2 nodes together, meaning that the Vidiu Go splits the total data over each node, giving you more overall bandwidth to stream via. Doing it this way also means that the Vidiu Go adapts to the current signal environment helping to ensure a reliable stream.

Even if you are going to be streaming with a more traditional setup i.e. wired or Wi-Fi, the nodes can be used as an additional set of connections to the internet, either by helping to split the total load over all of your different connections or by acting as a backup option in case your broadband goes down. During my testing I had fun pulling the ethernet cable out of the back of the Vidiu Go and seeing the nodes picking up the slack. This is really important because – after all – with a livestream you only get one shot so mitigating risks is the aim of the game.

With kit like the Vidiu Go, we are seeing now that livestreaming with high production values is within reach for all of us.

Livestream Anywhere - Teradek Vidiu Go And Nodes


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