VIDEO: Match Day, featuring the Caterham 360R

5 July 2019 | Category: Motion

VIDEO: Match Day, featuring the Caterham 360R


Here is part three of our collaboration with Zach Lower of video production company, EVEN. Zach was commissioned by Caterham to shoot a series of short films to promote cars in their ‘7’ range and this one focuses on the 320R. In his kit bag he had a Canon C200, a Sony a7R II, Sigma and Canon glass, a DJI Ronin suspended from a Ready Rig ProArm Kit and all sorts of cunning accessories. Over to Zach:

The next film of the series of 5 was the 360R. Within Caterham’s 5 main feature models, there are some variations within each model. For example, you can have any of these cars built with a Series 3 chassis (small & compact) or a Series 5 chassis which is a wider-bodied shell, allowing more room between driver and passenger, and a generally comfier drive. We decided to showcase the S5 chassis type in this model, which generally appeals more to the weekend cruisers who still enjoy a thrilling car, rather than the more race orientated drivers who’d generally opt for an S3 chassis.

We shot this video in a day in 2 main locations, one was at a local football pitch where we shot the father picking up his son from football after a game, and the other locations were in surrounding B-roads in East Sussex which we had scouted before the shoot.

Match Day


Hire links:

Canon EOS C200

Sony a7RII

Sigma Art lenses

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM | Art

DJI Ronin 2