VIDEO: Revolutionise the way you work with the world’s fastest tripod legs

10 September 2018 | Category: Motion

VIDEO: Revolutionise the way you work with the world’s fastest tripod legs


We now stock the Sachtler flowtech75 carbon fibre tripod, a versatile, lightweight tripod that is faster and easier to deploy and adjust than any other tripod on the market.

Performance tested in extreme conditions, flowtech75 is a revolution in tripod technology, giving the camera operator ultimate versatility and vastly improving their workflow. flowtech75 is a revolutionary new set of two-stage carbon fibre tripod legs with quick release brakes, a mid-level spreader, rubber feet and a payload capacity of 20 kg (44 lb).

Unique quick release brakes: Deploy and adjust your tripod in an instant

Sachtler flowtech75 hire

flowtech features unique quick release brakes located at the top of the tripod that allow camera operators to easily deploy and adjust the tripod in an instant. All the legs of the tripod can be deployed simultaneously and adjust to the ground’s surface - without the need to bend over or manually adjust multiple brakes on each individual leg.

Versatile Hinge Lock: Capture extremely low and high shots.

flowtech comes with a hinge lock mechanism that gives camera operators ultimate versatility. With the ability to be used with or without a spreader. The hinge lock allows the flowtech 75 to be deployed as low as 26 cm (0.85 ft.) and as high as 153 cm (5.02 ft.) when used without a spreader. This effectively eliminates the need to bring a second set of baby legs to each shoot.

New ergonomic carbon-fibre leg design

Sachtler flowtech75 hire

The distinct, ergonomically designed, carbon fibre profile makes flowtech 75 lightweight and easy to transport. It’s specifically designed to allow the tripod to comfortably rest on the camera operator’s shoulder while magnetic locks offer an easy, quick method for locking the legs together while carrying.

Performance Tested

flowtech was tested in the most punishing environments, from sludge and sand to extreme temperatures. Tried in over 30,000 lab-testing cycles – in which the tripod is repeatedly deployed – and 1½ million clamp operations on the test endurance rig, flowtech exceeds the Sachtler and Vinten brands’ stringent performance targets.

Watch the Launch video below:


The new Sachtler flowtech75 is in stock and available for hire, HERE.