Editing orders is finally here!

29 February 2016 | Category: Website

We we've finally done it! Our editing order function is now live and running. It does not sound like a lot but it has been a huge undertaking - originally scheduled for release mid-December, it turned into a monster of a job, nearly breaking one of our developers!

When we first moved our system over last September, I do not think we ever realised just how often orders were changed. I would love to say it was not a problem but the fact was it was a disaster. We quickly worked out a workaround but it was messy and, more importantly, a massive pain for customers. We thought it would only be a short-term issue but due to complexity of our automated invoicing and availability system, it was a much bigger job than originally thought.

So what does this mean for you? On the front-end you will see nothing new. So far this editing feature is for us to alter your order but now we have cracked it, we will be able to offer this editing on the front end in future. Rather than cancelling orders and re-raising, we can change anything right up to the point of dispatch and the system will work out the differences in balances and refund/charge accordingly.

Hopefully things should run a bit more smoothly!