New availability calendars

28 November 2016 | Category: Website

New availability calendars


Today we launch our new improved calendar functionality for checking availability.  We've listened to customers and have taken all the feedback to add a list of improvements.

Firstly on the home page, you'll notice the search features new calendars.  It's now easier to choose a date - just click anywhere inside the box and the calendar will appear.  The system will also fill out the hire end date automatically.  We've also fixed the bug that allowed you to choose an earler end date!!  Small things that should all make a difference.

Next we move onto the bigger changes within the availability function in the product pages.  With our old website (pre 2016!), you used to choose your start and end dates.  When we launched the live availability, we had to change this and launch with you firstly choosing the number of days.  It's fair to say we got some complaints so we've now rewritten the system.  So now you just choose your hire start and end dates and the system will fill in the rest for you.

You can move dates around and the system will just recalculate the new figures and delivery/collection dates.

We hope you like the improvements.