Welcome to the new website!

1 September 2015 | Category: Website

So we're finally live! The day that I did wonder would ever happen has!

So what's new? We've kept things familiar whilst taking note of customer suggestions to make things better all round. You'll notice we've split the site into two sections - Stills and Motion. Whilst equipment is shared across both sides, we have tried to ensure that navigation is easier giving each section unique category and filters.

The big news is Live Availability - no more waiting for a response to an availability request - what you see is live off our stock system. If it's not greyed out, it's available. Simply choose the number of days you want and when you first want to use it, get the quote, add to basket and then checkout!

What else?  You will find we've added filters to a lot of the categories.  We're not finished there and will be making this more comprehensive over the next few weeks.  Anything you think we're missing, do let us know!

We have added a huge amount of dedicated accessories to our stocklist including spare batteries, chargers and leads.  There's more to come and anything you think we're missing, let us know.

There's no more taking credit card details over the phone - everything is stored on your account on-line.  Return customers need only remember their 3 digit CVC and you're away.

Mobile users will notice a dedicated mobile site which we hope makes things a great easier to navigate whilst on the move.

No nothing is perfect and there are few things we are still working on but most you probably won't even notice and we're busy sorting them.  If you're an existing customer, please note we have reset your password so you will need to reset it - you can do so here.

We're not finished of course and have a dedicated programme over the next 12 months, including packages, suggestive hires (based on what you've chosen), ability to create (and publicly share) your own kit lists....  There is plenty more to come.

I hope you enjoy it!

All the very best



Guy Thatcher

Managing Director