17 March 2020 | Category: Stills



The LEE85 Filter System has been engineered specifically for photographers with smaller bodied cameras and lenses who need to travel light but don't want to compromise on filter quality and versatility.

The Holder is precision engineered from aluminium and is both compact and easy-to-use. It's perfect for any kind of photography on-the-go, especially handheld.

The LEE85 System offers complete creative freedom with a wide range of filters including Neutral Density Grads, long exposure Stoppers and a clip-on Polariser. The Holder can be used with up to three filter slots, plus the Polariser.

New LEE85 LEE Filters


Simple and intuitive design, with no geared cogs or magnets to keep clean. It's quick to deploy and very easy to use, enabling photographers to react quickly to changing light.

Modular filter guide blocks

Easily reconfigure the Holder for one, two or three filters.

Slots for clip-on Polariser

The LEE85 Polariser is quick to fit and easy to remove.


Precision engineered from aluminium to be as small and lightweight as possible.

Locking Dial

Enables the Holder to be quickly attached and locked to the Adaptor Ring.

Easier filter handling

LEE85 ND Grads and Standards have a new grip tab for easier positioning and adjustment.

Versatile Adaptor Rings

LEE85 Adaptor Rings are available in a range of thread sizes from 37mm up to 72mm, and are all suitable for wide-angle lenses.

Easy-to-fit modular filter guide-blocks

The LEE85 Holder is highly versatile and (just like the LEE100 System Holder) can be configured with 1, 2 or 3 filter slots using the included modular guide blocks.

Filter grip tabs help keep things clear

LEE85 Graduated and Standard ND filters feature clearly labelled grip tabs. These increase the visible area and keep fingerprints off the filter zone.

Easy-to-use Polariser

The LEE85 Polariser simply clicks onto the Holder (either on or off the camera) and can then be precisely rotated for just the right degree of polarisation.

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