7 reasons the Nikon D810 is still an awesome camera

19 July 2017 | Category: Stills

7 reasons the Nikon D810 is still an awesome camera


While the D810 may be a little older than some of the current crop of cameras, there are still many reasons why it’s a fantastic camera to work with - and don’t forget, Nikon hasn’t replaced this model (yet!). 


1. High-resolution sensor

If you’re working in advertising or commercial photography, you’ll probably want the highest resolution possible. The Nikon D810, with its 36 million pixel sensor, is the highest resolution Nikon available right now. Not only that, but the sensor doesn’t have an optical low pass filter, making it ideal for capturing a stunning amount of detail. 


2. Superb AF system 

The D810 inherited the same AF system as the then top-of-the-line D4S. That means you get super fast and super accurate focusing, and you can take advantages of settings including Group Area AF.


3. Fast shooting 

You can shoot at up to 7fps if you use the D810’s crop mode. Normally you may not want to crop at the risk of losing resolution, but with 36 megapixels to play with, losing some still leaves you with fantastic high-resolution images. Although 7fps may not be quite as quick as some other cameras which are available, it’s still useful for event photography where you may only need to utilise it occasionally. Crop mode is also useful for getting you closer to the subject, extending the reach of any lenses you may be working with.


4. Smaller raw sizes

One of the best things about the D810 is that it’s been designed to improve workflow. As you might expect, 36-megapixel raw files can take up quite a bit of memory card space and take a long time to transfer. However, with the D810 you can shoot in the “Raw Size S” format, which significantly reduces the size. This can also be beneficial when working in post-production. 


5. Durable, weather-sealed body 

You can be confident shooting with the D810 in a range of different conditions, making it ideal for event, news/reportage and wildlife photography - in fact, any type of photography where you might find yourself shooting outdoors. The body is a magnesium alloy construction, making it feel strong and secure, too. 


6. Total movie control 

Although the D810 doesn’t shoot in 4K, the control it offers to videographers happy to shoot in Full HD is fantastic. Not only do you have the flexibility of full manual control, there’s also a mic in and audio out ports, clean HDMI out and a range of frame rates up to 60p. You can also make use of the “Flat” Picture Control to give you the best scope for grading in post-production.


7. Quiet shooting

Ok, so the D810 isn’t silent, but when you compare it to one of Nikon’s big-hitters, such as the D5 or the D4S, it’s much quieter. That makes it more suitable for use in quiet locations and events where you need to be as discreet as possible.