VIDEO: Out and About – Fujifilm X-Pro3 – Simple Pleasures

24 January 2019 | Category: Stills

VIDEO: Out and About – Fujifilm X-Pro3 – Simple Pleasures


Following on from our previous Fujifilm X-Pro3 intro video we wanted to show you some examples of the different film simulations, including the latest – Classic Neg. which brings lovely filmic tones. I headed towards a more urban environment and took with me nothing more than the X-Pro3 and a Fujifilm XF23mm f1.4 R lens to capture my surroundings. In this video, I share with you my thoughts on the camera all the while making my way around the varied and colourful streets of Brighton.

The X-Pro3 really builds on what the X-Pro line has come to mean to so many photographers, bringing a perfect combination of old and new, analogue and digital, simplicity and capability. It is all too easy in our current environment to get bogged down by camera specs and the pressure to take the perfect photo, which is why the X-Pro3 is such a welcome change. We are dissuaded from ‘chimping’ (constantly checking our images as we take them) by the hidden LCD screen and are instead encouraged to let go and move on with our day, helping us to stay present in the moment.

Fujifilm has become famed for their film simulations, and every time I pick up one of their cameras I remember why. When you spend so much of your time around complex photo/video equipment, it is so refreshing to get great looking images straight out of the camera. Wandering around the jewellery shops in the South Lanes, I was able to try out a variety of different simulations, each offering a unique colour palette and texture.

Some members of the online photographic community have shown a degree of scepticism towards this stark departure from what we are used to from camera design, dismissing it as simply a gimmick. I would counter that there are many brilliant alternative options for anyone seeking a more ‘conventional’ setup – Fujifilm’s own XT-3 is a prime example – so I have no problem with a model that offers something unique for those who are so inclined.


I am sure the X-Pro3 will prove to be a highly popular camera going forward, it is certainly a favourite of mine. Should you wish to take an X-Pro3 for a spin yourself, why don’t you hire one from us to see if it suits you.

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