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Fujinon MKX 18-55mm T2.9 (Fuji X Series) Hire

Outstanding optical performance and low distortion with T2.9 speed across the entire zoom range

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FUJINON MKX Lens Promotional Video / FUJIFILM


Growth of video production has created a demand among videographers and cinematographers for lenses optimized to shoot. Traditionally, cinema lenses were typically large, heavy and expensive compared with photographic lenses required to meet the needs of videographers. In February 2017, Fujifilm released MK lens for E-mount cameras which have been praised for their ease of handling thanks to the compact and lightweight design. Despite their affordable price point and lightweight design, the E-mount lenses offer the same optical performance and operability as expensive cinema lenses. The new MKX lenses keep the same design concepts featured on the E-mount MK lenses but are now compatible with Fujifilm's X Mount cameras within the Fujifilm X Series. The new MKX lenses have an electrical contact to communicate with the camera, which not only corrects the distortion and the color/brightness shading, but also achieve various color expressions with Fujifilm's Film Simulation modes.

"MKX18-55mm" and "MKX50-135mm" cover 18-135mm, which is the most frequently used focal length in video production and achieve a constant T2.9 aperture across the entire zoom range, enabling a shallow depth of field as well as a beautiful bokeh effect. The lens designs are optimized for shooting videos as they minimize focus shift and optical axis shift while zooming, and reduce lens breathing (the change of angle of view during focusing). The lenses also feature three rings to enable manual and independent operation of focus, zoom and iris (aperture), all with the gear pitch of 0.8M (module). The focus rings can rotate fully up to 200 degrees to facilitate precise focusing. These features make the lenses very comfortable and convenient to operate.

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Description Quantity
Back Cap
iM2306 Black Flight Case
Return Cable Ties
Return Courier Bag
Lens Hood (With Cap with short black thumb screw)
82mm Lens Cap
Black Thumb Screw (on Lens)
Silver thumb Screw
Short Black Thumb Screw
Monopod Mount (with 2 x Black Thumb Screws)