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Genie II Linear Drive Syrp 35

Syrp Genie II Linear Drive

Stronger, faster and quieter than its predecessor, the Genie II Linear comes packed with features including time-lapse, video, key-framing, camera control, live view and more.

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Genie II Linear is a highly portable and versatile solution for motion control.

Stronger, faster and quieter than its predecessor, the Genie II Linear comes packed with features including time-lapse, video, key-framing, camera control, live view and more.**

**NB: Not all features will be available upon the first release. Learn about the latest feature releases here.

Using the very latest technology in high-speed wireless communication and motor control, the Genie II offers an unparalleled motion control system, controlled via iOS or Android.


It’s never been easier to take 1, 2 and 3 axis motion control with you. Completely re-designed from the ground up, Genie II will make your dream shots a reality.


Use the Linear and Pan Tilt drive separately or together for a powerful 1, 2 and 3 axis filmmaking tool.  




Combining Genie II Linear with Pan Tilt gives you the ultimate 3-Axis motion control tool. Set everything up with the App or use the on-board controls (Genie II Pan Tilt) for shooting time-lapse, video, panorama and more!


Syrp has completely redesigned the Syrp Genie App from the ground up. Program complex movements with Genie II’s keyframing feature. Each axis can be setup and controlled independently for dynamic video and time-lapse movement.

AUTOMATED BULB RAMPING & TIMELAPSE COMPILER (Available with future firmware upgrade, learn about the latest feature releases here.)

Time-lapsing scenes that include drastic changes in light has always been a challenge, but now with full camera control, you’ll be able to ramp exposure automatically. Keep tabs on how it’s going by getting the App to compile a time-lapse preview on the fly, so you can see it all right there and then.

LIVE MOVEMENT CONTROL (Available with future firmware upgrade, learn about the latest feature releases here.)

Move with your subject! Genie II offers live movement control on both Linear and Pan Tilt with easy-to-use joysticks. Be in control of your speed and change direction of 1, 2 and 3 axis shots at any time. Syrp Genie II Pan Tilt is available separately.

FULL WIRELESS CAMERA CONTROL LIVE VIEW (Available with future firmware upgrade, learn about the latest feature releases here.)

Control ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed settings from the App! Whether it’s during a time-lapse or for setting up your video shot, keep your camera’s settings dialed in.


Simply attach the Quick Release plate (Patent Pending) to your Tripod Head and snap directly into the Linear drive for a secure attachment. Genie II Pan Tilt has also been designed to click straight into the Linear drive making it ultra stable, quick to setup and secure.


Syrp has included the ability to integrate the Genie Mini with the Linear Drive for a lower profile.


The Genie II Pan Tilt and Linear both use the same removable long-life lithium battery so you can always take extras when travelling further afield.



Linear: 110mm / Sec


Linear: 0.01mm


Horizontal: 16lbs (7.4kg)
Vertical: 5.5lbs (2.5kg)
Vertical counter weighted 8.8lbs (4kg)


Genie II Linear: 2lbs (0.9kg)


W141 x L141 x H161mm


USB-C Port (s) – Charging, Camera Trigger & Camera Control
Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy – Connect to Syrp Genie App
WIFI 2.4Ghz


Camera/Ballhead: 1/4″ or 3/8″ Screws for mounting cameras/ballheads
Base: 3/8″ thread for attaching to sliders, tripods and other systems


Camera shutter control is possible with 100s of different cameras including DSLRs, Mirror-less cameras and video cameras. Select a Shutter Link Cable for your model to confirm compatibility

***N.B. When you are setting up the Genie motors with the app; due to frequent update releases by Syrp, you may be prompted to update the firmware of the Genie before you can use the motors. From our experience, you may need to go outside or somewhere away from too many WIFI and Bluetooth signals in order for the update to complete successfully.

NB: Syrp Genie II Pan Tilt is available separately, please see accessories below.

Description Quantity
Hireacamera USB Drive (Containing Manual)1
Velcro Strap for Genie with Rope Hook2
Mains Lead (for Power Adapter)1
90mm Cork QR Plate1
1/4 Screw (attached to plate)1
CA-30 AC Adapter1
C - C Charging Cable1
Battery Cover1
BP02 Rechargeable Battery (Li-ion)1
Capstan with Rope (attached to unit)1
3/8 Adapter (attached to 1/4 screw)1
USB Adapter (for USB Shutter cable)1
Magic Carpet Long Thread Adapter1
Clear plastic container bag1
Long 3/8 Screw1
Long 1/4 Screw1
1/4 to 3/8 Thread Adapter1
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