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Hire Gitzo Microphone Boom Pole - Series 4, 4 sections

The Gitzo GB4541 is the new-generation carbon fibre microphone boom designed to support sound engineers precisely and reliably.

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The Gitzo GB4541 is the new-generation carbon fibre microphone boom solution designed to support sound engineers precisely and reliably, ensuring intuitive, easy cable handling for quick and secure setup in all situations. This comfortable, handy boom helps achieve flawless sound takes. It has all Gitzo’s renowned distinctive features, including stiffness, stability and lightness, featuring the latest Carbon eXact, tubing superior to the previous Carbon 6X tubing in terms of stiffness. This new model has larger tube diameters but is still remarkbly light, weighing just 0.90kg and provides new levels of stiffness and rigidity - even when extended to its full length of 277cm.

This mic boom’s superior stiffness eliminates unwanted flexing and keeps microphones stable in the desired position. The Gitzo GB4541 ends with a 25.3mm large tube, allowing most XLR connectors to enter for even easier internal cabling, faster operation speed and noise reduction. The cable can also run outside the boom.

The boom features an ergonomic front-hand rubber grip that helps users hold it stably and comfortably. The bottom end has a resistant rubber foot that enables sound engineers to rest holding the boom vertically against the floor, while the cable exits from the side without getting pinched. The tubes feature the new G-lock Ultra system, Gitzo’s latest-generation quick and rigid leg-locking mechanism.

The Gitzo GB4541 is equipped with a reversible 3/8”-1/4” screw, allowing it to connect most microphone holders, including the Gitzo G11510N. The Gitzo GB4541 is part of a the new range developed to cover the most popular lengths and tube diameters and designed to meet the needs of most location filming and to provide the optimal combination of lightness and stiffness.

• Weight: 680g
• Material: CarbonExact
• Min Height: 58cm
• Maximum Height: 159cm
• Safety Payload Weight: 30kg

Description Quantity
Bubblewrap (please re-use on return)1
Allen key (in bag pocket)1
90cm Tripod Bag1
Static Foot1
Top Plate with Reversible Screw Thread1
Metal Helmet with XLR Cable Slot1

Boom is not supplied with mic holder, please see accessories.

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